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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 5 | Issue 43| November 06, 2011 |


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The Hype

The Tech Freak Generation!

Abritty Abdullah
Photo: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

When we were young, Super Mario, Tetris, Street Fighter on the Sega Mega drive used to make us go crazy in front of the idiot box. Then the revolutionary magic box took place in our rooms and we went on buying CDs of thousands of games and crashed the hard disk of that box several times. Then eventually a wonder gadget called play station came along and kids started eating up their parents minds for buying one.Now, the highly popular apple and android gadgets have made the 'frowning' expression popular among this generation through probably the most talked about application 'Angry Bird'. The most striking scene is in my university's library, where every one's busy with their gadgets playing that particular game! I know some people who do not attend classes while their 'Gaming seasons' are on. My best

All wired up and online.

buddies are working their hearts out in their part time jobs just because they have to earn money to upgrade their gadgets! But the sad thing is, their 'Grades' hardly get upgraded for it. The passion for gaming or gadgets is undoubtedly worth appreciating, but is it really giving us the ultimate entertainment or keeping us a bit too busy to be with real people? I might sound like an angry parent complaining about her children for being busy with games all the while, but sadly it is true that sometimes it is a bit awkward for people to see someone constantly being busy over his or her gadgets without interacting for a single moment. I found a long lost friend of mine a couple of days back and I asked how he was and what he was busy with, to which he replied, ''I GAME''. My poor eye sight is a result of playing Sims excessively while I was in school and my little cousins who do not even go to school have worse eye sights by playing games all day in front of their giant screens. This is even more harmful for the kids because while they are into gaming they do not care if the whole world trembles upside down. Even in the social networking sites people are busy farming, building cities, making zoos and running café's with games applications. If this is the picture of today, I fear what is waiting for us after ten to fifteen years. I guess people will lock themselves up in their rooms with the latest highly developed gadgets which will provide them with virtual rivals fighting in different games. There might not be any need of companionship of a true living being while they will be having a great time with their beloved gadgets. Along with the other addictions, let us see where this particular addiction leads.

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