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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 43| November 06, 2011 |


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Star Chat

For the future and beyond

Bassist Nabil Khan
Talks to

Salman Rob

COURTESY: Nabil Khan

I used to be a student of Willes Little Flower and then Mastermind. Right now I am enrolled in BBA programme at North South University (NSU).

I actually did not have too many 'bad' moments at school to talk about to be honest. I was never the naughtiest boy in class but rather, I used to be one of the quiet ones. But one incident that happened in 5th grade made me realise that I probably have anger management problems. I actually pulled off a handful of hair from a boy's head just because he ate half of my tiffin without even asking my permission! I don't know what had happened and I didn't really think about what I was doing but that was my impulsive response! Something else I used to do quite regularly was skipping the assembly and hiding somewhere.

A lot of people were inspirational to me during my student life-- mostly in NSU to be honest. I came across some people who have the ability to explain very complex things in the simplest and precise way. As if, there was this puzzle game that you could never solve and he just showed you the ''walk-though''. And having that ability in a person is inspirational in itself!

My 'musicality' began when I had started playing back in 2003 and what inspired me was good music, at least the music that sounded good to me. And Flea (from Red Hot Chili Pepper) was the one who inspired me to get into playing bass!

For the time being, my band The Joint Family is working on its own compositions for our album and doing gigs. My other band Germantown is currently on a halt because the band is having a 'long distance relationship' with its members. But I pray so that my bands always stay well because they are comprised of all the closest people in my life! Apart from my bands, Boombox has some plans which we think will contribute a lot to the music industry--like concerts, music videos, music magazines and so much more.

For the hopeful youngsters of today, try to shape your career in a way that will make you end up with something that you always had dreamt of doing!

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