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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 41| October 23, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Late night home work!

"Will you wake up or what?" asked my mother. "I'm almost up. Stop shaking me, please!" I said drowsily. It was 7 am and to my mother's dismay, I was still in bed. "Early to bed and early to rise" is my mother's most-followed principle, and perhaps the one most frequently breached by me. The night before, I went to bed at half-past two. So it was really obvious that I found 'early-rising' difficult. As I got up most reluctantly, I realised that there was not enough time for breakfast. So I dressed in a hurry and rushed out of the house only to find that I had missed the school-bus. Annoyed, I took a rickshaw, and I was fifteen minutes late to school. The maths homework I had completed last night, sacrificing my sleep, was all wrong. My teacher hinted that I had not kept my head cool while solving those. No wonder, as it was 2am when I did them! How can someone keep a cool head at that hour? My mother's principle rang in my ears and I actually started realising that she was right about what she said about being 'early to bed and early to rise'.

Progga Chirontoni
Salvation Int'l School & College, Dhaka.

Gaze intimately when you type:

Some time ago there was a dopey guy in our Bengali coaching class. 'Dopey' would be a pretty civilised word to use to depict him-- short mustache over his lips and not to forget that it used to give all the girls an unquestionably eerie feeling. One day I got a facebook friend request from him. Thinking that it might be rude to ignore the request, I added him. But the stage of hatred moved its step forward when he knocked me the first day and said that he has a crush on me. Though the proposal made me feel exceedingly embarrassed, I didn't write anything harsh back to him. After some time, he asked me where I study. After a long pause, I replied and ended up making a mess by saying, “ami prem e pori” (seemingly, the answer stands 'I fall in love'). When the answer was supposed to be “ami PREP e pori” (short form of preparatory). That line must have made that boy quite thrilled. Afterward I ended that boy's history by blocking him from my profile; nevertheless it was an incident to keep in mind and to laugh over my erroneous typing!

Humaira Tasnim Karim
Mohammadpur Preparatory College, Dhaka.

Racing on the wrong ocean

If I could think of the best days of my school life, rainy days have to top the list. The whole school sewage was turned into an arena to race for students with paper ships. The rule was to make a ship (as big as you want) and to throw it from the second floor balcony and the ones which fell properly and got to the finish line fastest would be the winner. Since the paper ships didn't have enough weight on it, we used to put rocks, dirt, sands and all kinds of crap inside the ship. So one fine rainy day we all stood in a line getting ready to throw our ships full of crap. Sadly that rainy day was more of a windy day as well. So as the ships fell, the wind blew them away, for which, they all fell in front of our vice principal. You know what happened next-- a full class detention for one whole week. And that out an end to our ship racing days.

Ariyan Islam
Academia, Dhaka.

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