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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 39 | October 09, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Mischief Managed

Back in our 7th standard, when all of us were known as "Mischief leaders", our class welcomed a new student who was an amazing contrast to us. I vividly remember the first day she entered our classroom wearing a green dress and matching scarf carrying the most "Geek-ish look" any of us could think of. The biggest nutter in our class, Maroof, suddenly exclaimed, on her second day, "Guys, we seem to be hosting an imported museum show-piece!" Nita, another friend, gave one of her silliest giggles and said, "Yeah, the dress she's wearing was definitely very fashionable in the eighteenth century." There was more laughter. I could see the poor girl shrinking and felt ashamed at my mates' bullying nature. Once our teacher entered the class, I burst into complains about the offenders and was amazed when the new girl stood up all and said humbly that no one had perturbed her in any way. The "seemingly-geekish" girl's grace humbled us and since then we (even the bullies) adore her and try to promote her fashion-sense, and recall together the way she managed our mischief!

Progga Chirontoni
Salvation International School & College, Dhaka

Never Press it too Hard

I was more than happy when I got to know that I was going to my friends house. It was around 4 o'clock when I arrived at her house.

My friend and I decided that we'll play some games on the computer. So we started playing and it turned out to be really fun.

After ten or fifteen minutes she asked me if I'd like some water and I said yes, so she went to get some water and in the meantime I did something unexpected. While playing the game I pressed the keyboard key so hard that it stopped working. I had no idea what to do so I just went to the toilet and hid there. When my friend came in, I came out of the toilet and acted as if I had no idea about what had just happened. I asked my friend if she'd like to play something else and she agreed. So she didn't really get to know who made her keyboard key stop working.

Shabiba Mysoon
Sir John Wilson School

Silly Readers in a Public Library

There were some young readers in a public library who considered themselves to be over smart. I was a regular reader in the library. One day three young men emerged from nowhere and started gossiping in the reading room. They were educated enough to read the instruction 'keep silence' or 'switch off your mobile', they were talking. Since I cannot withstand any sound during my reading, I was disturbed. So I complained to the authority there. I had the right to do that. But when I left the library those guys approached me. They tried to outsmart me. They asked me why I complained against them. They claimed they were regular readers in the library as well. I said that they knew nothing about a public library and called them 'idiots'. And to my surprise, the 'regular readers in the library' asked me to define the word 'idiots' for them. So much for reading!

Ahsan Uddin Tohel
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

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