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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 39 | October 09, 2011 |


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Campus Craze

'Plaantik' Promoting the Football Fever

Salman Rob

With the new season on its way and all the drama already starting, you can never ask for a better start to the English Premier League (EPL). Wayne Rooney got the form of his life which is something the Manchester United fans missed for a while, Fernando Torres of Chelsea finally got back on the score sheet even though he had more downs than ups, and lastly the new title challenger for EPL, Manchester City, began to show they mean pure business in the race.

Now, since this country is filled with a lot of young football fanatics, the proper updates and news are never that clear to us. But there is no reason to worry anymore! 'Plaantik' is here-- the first ever proper football site that can fill you up with all the national and international news.

Aarony Zade and Tawsif Bin Akkas (members of 'Plaantik') had this plan to start an all Bangladeshi football website in 2010 but did not have much man power or time to do it, so it stopped there. In the off season, they decided to take the project up again and this time added a mutual friend, Abir Ahmed Chowdhury, to the discussion. Little did they know that he had a similar plan with the UFA President, Majed Ul Huq, and all of them sort of "merged" into one team to create this site as four of them had the same vision. After months of online discussions, they finally took the step and are now up and running.

When asked about 'Plaantik', Akkas says, “As you will notice that the number of young Bangladeshi football fans has skyrocketed in the last 4-5 years. The four of us wanted a platform that would serve these fans with football news and views from a ''Deshi' perspective. With that, we also aim to make domestic football, league and underground, popular among these fans since, to be honest, the professional B-League doesn't really get much exposure. The main purpose would, therefore, be to promote football, of all sorts, in Bangladesh for the modern day fan.” Akkas adds, “In this day and age the football fanatics can get footy news straight from the club sites, twitter and more but there aren't a lot of sites that has everything in just one space, and there aren't any Bangladeshi sites at all! Not only will the watchers benefit from Plaantik, the occasional Underground (UG) players will also benefit as Plaantik aims to provide news of all tournaments, teams and even individual players in the UG Leagues. Since we aim to be the one-stop-shop for football, the fanatics will get all they want from just one site.”

And that's not it, Zade also talks about a few other special features they offer, “Where do I begin? Of course, no football site is complete without a WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) section and we are no different. We also have a segment which reviews football movies, books and documentaries. Our locker room section is rather tasty where anyone from here has an option of sending images of their gears and we cover them, because honestly all players love to showcase their boots! We have guest pieces and interviews from foreign bloggers and journalists as well and our readers can give their raw opinion about any issue they choose.”

So if you ever miss a game or are just plain bored at home or work, get yourself to a source of internet and visit www.the-ufa.com/plaantik and get all the news and reviews that you have missed out on.

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