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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 39 | October 09, 2011 |


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Campus Celebrations

Club Carnival brings out NSU spirit!

Saad Adnan Khan

North South University (NSU) just celebrated “Airtel Club Carnival” with grandeur, colour, fire and music. On October 1, 2011, the entrance foyer of the NSU campus was transformed into a giant storehouse of extravaganza and magic. Students, dressed up in glamorous and bright outfits, swarmed all over the campus, transfusing energy and excitement among each other, because “Airtel Club Carnival” is one of the many campus events that the NSU students look forward to.

"Old School" rocking the stage. Photo: Iffat Zerin Haque
The eco-friendly fashion show.,
Photo: Iffat Zerin Haque
Amazing stunts during the fire show.
Photo: Iffat Zerin Haque

Photo: Sharmin Ahmed
Photo: Sharmin Ahmed
The club stalls decorated according to the themes of the clubs. Photo: Sharmin Ahmed

This is the fifth year of Club carnival in NSU. It is the time of the year when all the existing clubs of the university come together under one huge roof (literally!) to show what they are made of. The clubs set up different stalls, which were decorated and designed by the students themselves based on the theme of the clubs. The members presented the essence, individuality and achievements of the clubs with a lot of creativity. The participating clubs were Photography club, Life sciences club, Public health club, Cine and drama club (CDC), Cultural club, Debate club, Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES), Earth club and so many others. “Each club has done something or the other to enliven the show. Through this event, the clubs also enroll new members and let students know how to get involved”, says Maruf, a BBA major. “It's the fall semester, so there are new student recruits. This show is to encourage them to join clubs. This carnival is a fun fest for us”, says Shahensha, an Economics major.

The different club stalls had different activities in store for the students to take part in. YES set up a stand board, behind which students posed and took pictures. The headless figures on the stand board were of a man and woman, dressed in formals. English club prepared a game of “Hoop a word”, where students got to throw balls at hoops with letters to form a three letter word. The photography club had different props such as a pink bunny ears band, a hook, a sword and boxer's gloves for people to wear and take pictures. Everyone enjoyed taking goofy pictures with their friends and having a good laugh. Some played video games on big screens and also put henna on their hands.

The show was brightened up with the performances of the NSU bands. The rock and the metal music shook the whole campus, and also entertained the students. “Old school”, one of the most favourite bands of NSU made the students perform and sing along when they performed. The fashion show, which was organised by the Earth club, was an eco-friendly fashion show. The models walked in with huge cut-outs of alphabets and formed the phrase “Care to change” on a board on the ramp. “We thought this was a good and effective way to teach the young generation about the environment”, says Kotha, a member of the Earth club and an ET major. The fashion show ended with all the models stamping their feet and singing out Michael Jackson's “They don't really care about us” to convey their passion for Earth. Performers thrilled the audiences with superb stunts during the fire show. Finally Ayub Bacchu got on the stage and played some all-time favourites, giving NSU-ers a music-rush.

“Airtel Club Carnival” brought out the passion and spirit of the NSU students they feel for their university. Such an effort to shape the whole event shows that our campuses can be made fun, happening and a lovable place, if students started being pro-active in contributing in any way possible; whether through a song or a poster. It always makes a difference.

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