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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 38 | October 02, 2011 |


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New Beginnings

International School Dhaka-
Beginning of a new term

Maheen Khan

ISD started yet another school term in August, welcoming several new faces as students, their parents and teachers. They have forty new teachers from countries including Latvia, Brazil, Germany, United States, England, Canada, Australia and India. There were several events and excursions held to familiarise the new teachers, most of whom have come to Bangladesh for the first time. The ease with which they have adapted to the new surroundings is quite commendable.


On August 25, 2011, the Parent Teacher Association of ISD held the annual Iftar party for the ISD community. The Association also decorated an Eid & Ramadan corner in the Reception area to display the festive season. The iftar took place in their cafeteria; the area was highlighted with fairy lights and drapes. It was a wonderful evening organised by ISD PTA President Tania Siddique, Vice President Syeda Farzana Rahim, Secretary Ayesha Hossain Shahnila and Treasurer Dinar Sadat.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) was headed to ISD on September 25, with representatives from 27 top-graded universities from the US. Such an event was the first of its kind and was beneficial to High School students all over Dhaka. The schools that partook in the fair were Sunbeams, Scholastica, Aga Khan, Mastermind, Sunnydale and Dhanmondi Tutorial. The students discussed about I-20 issues, university costs, housing and more. They further inquired about undertaking preparations for SAT and TOEFL, as well as scholarship opportunities in the universities. It was a successful event organized by Stephen Crane and Nusrat Sharmin, from ISD's College Counseling Office.

ISD's belief in holistic education, one that combines academics with co-curricular programmes, is a strong one and is executed through a myriad of events held during the school year. The week starting from September 25 to 29 was noted as Fitness Week. Every morning, students, teachers and staff alike participated in several activities such as yoga, jogging, skipping, aerobics, swimming and walking around the campus. A healthy breakfast package was also introduced to raise awareness on the vitality of the most important meal of the day. It was great to see the students and all staff members eagerly partaking in the activities during the week.

The school has an array of events coming up such as the UN week, Tribute to Tagore, ISD PTA Annual Fair and more!


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