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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 5 | Issue 38 | October 02, 2011 |


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Campus Edibles

Stamford University Food Court:
More Than Just Munchies

Promiti Prova Chowdhury
Photos: Kazi Tahsin Agaz Apurbo

The Food Court at the ground floor of Stamford University admissions building, situated at Shaat Masjid Road of Dhanmondi, is the main source of entertainment for all its students. Not only is it a place to eat and gossip but also the venue for all big functions organised by the university on different occasions like, Pahela Boishakh, Friendship Day and so on. “This food court is the centre of adda, fun, caring and sharing among friends, birthday celebrations, get-togethers and what not! Our campus life is intricately connected to it,” Kazi Tanvir Ahmed, studying BBA in his 12th term shares his feelings about the café. Expressing gratification about the prices of foods, Ayesha, another student from the same batch says, “The pizza and noodles are the most popular items here for lunch. But nothing can beat the chops and rolls along with Mountain Dew for a quick pleasing of appetite during class breaks.” Music makes the ambience of the café unique.

“Bhalo achi bhalo theko, akasher thikanay chithi likho” is the most frequently played musical number by the “food court singers” of Stamford University Bangladesh. Being one of them, Joy, a student of BBA says, “You'll always see two to three guitarists at different corners of the food court playing popular songs. The alumni who come here for cherishing memories are no exception. “O bondhu toke miss korchi” by Partho Barua is their favourite one because they can connect to it more deeply. Once a singer or player plays the tune others join in automatically”. The eye-soothing green bottles of Mountain Dew add an extra charm and refreshment to the whole atmosphere. This is the most common scenario found in this food court where music and drinks go hand in hand all day long.

The Stamford University Food Court has a wide range of edibles to offer to its students. With a combination of fast food, Chinese food and Bangladeshi food, the café holds a well balanced menu. Shingara, samosa, vegetable roll, egg chop, chicken burger, keema paratha, pizza, chicken roll, hot dog, sandwich, club sandwich, and chicken patties are a catch for the fast food lovers and also for couch potatoes.

No worries for the ones who go with the saying 'mache-bhaat e bangali', as it also offers rice, fish curries, meat curries and vegetables as well. Ice creams are also there to meet the dessert line and coffee to work as an essential tonic for the students spending their whole day in the campus.

Tanvir says, “This is an example of how a university café should be and we are extremely proud of it.” But expressing concern, he says that the only lacking is the unavailability of tea for which they have to go outside. Carom and Chess are another embellishments of the court that help students to divert their minds from the hectic university life from time to time.

In a nutshell, Stamford University Food Court is so much more than just a place for food lovers; it is the second home for the students where they get invigorated through adda, music and just sheer fun to make the best use of every bit of campus life.

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