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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 37 | September 25, 2011 |


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The City of Winnipeg has a population of about 700,000 people many of whom originate from all around the globe. Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, known as Canada's “friendly province”.

From its low cost of living, to its vibrant shopping districts and numerous sports teams, Winnipeg has something for everyone and especially for those interested in the arts. The city is home to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Contemporary Dancers, and numerous annual music festivals.

Located right in the thick of things and at the heart of city's central business district, is the University of Winnipeg . Best described as a growing, urban campus of business, science, and the arts, the university offers a wide range of top-quality programs. These include more than 50 Bachelor degree programs, post-graduate professional programs, English Language courses, and even a thriving high school - The Collegiate, located right on campus. This last factor makes the university particularly unique, in that academically qualified students attending The Collegiate can begin taking university-credit courses starting right in their grade 11 and 12 years earning preferred access to university course selections when they make the transition from The Collegiate into their UWinnipeg degree program.

Courtesy: CUAC

For anyone wondering about extra-curricular activities, the University of Winnipeg is full of fun options. From ice-skating to skiing, hockey games to festivals, there's always something new and exciting being organized, including many events specially tailored for international students hoping to experience more of 'Canadian life'.

And speaking of 'Canadian life' … a big part of the experience for most international students includes living in UWinnipeg's affordable on-campus housing, which offers private rooms and private bathrooms. By living in “residence”, students are closer to classes, have access to home-cooked meals (without the hassle of cooking or cleaning up themselves!), and best of all, have the opportunity to quickly make friends with other students from around the world all helping to make the transition to 'life in Canada' that much easier. Especially for their first year, most international students choose residence life.

“Residence is great,” attests international student Harry, originally Quellon Colony, Mexico, “because it unites a diverse group of people from around the world into a unique community, while still allowing each resident to remain an individual, and make their residence experience what they want it to be.”

For those considering life after university rest assured, as the University of Winnipeg is located in the capital city of a province that consistently has one of the highest employment rates and one of the lowest costs of living in all of North America. In addition, the Province of Manitoba has an international student stream within its “provincial nominee program” which provides graduates with opportunities to apply for Canadian permanent residency based, in part, on the successful completion of their degree studies.

Additionally, the Province of Manitoba offers international students who graduate and find employment in Manitoba the opportunity to receive a tuition refund in the form of an income tax credit making UWinnipeg one of the most affordable international study abroad opportunities in the world.

For those interested in learning more about attending the University of Winnipeg or another Canadian institution a good place to start is www.canada123.org. Students and families can also visit the Canadian University Application Centre (or 'CUAC') office located on Gulshan Road, and on Friday, October 28th, UWinnipeg will present, along with other Canadian university representatives, a special Canadian University Education Fair, at The Westin Dhaka. Here, university representatives will be ready to answer all your questions with typical Canadian helpfulness. This event is by INVITATION ONLY. For those interested, please email dhaka@canada123.org, or phone at 02.8826445.

WHEN: Friday, 28th October - 12 noon to 7 pm
WHERE: The Westin Hotel, Gulshan 2, Dhaka
PARTICIPATING UNIVERSITIES: Victoria, Winnipeg, Algoma, Guelph, Windsor & SMU.
PARTICIPATING COLLEGES: Sault College and Confederation College.
*** BY INVITATION ONLY. Contact us today to attend!

Quick Facts about UWinnipeg
Student Body Population: 10,000 undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate professional programs; 600 English Language program; 600 Collegiate (High School)
Average Class size: 48
Co-op: YES. UWinnipeg offers co-op programs with our Business and Science programs, and work opportunities in a variety of other programs
Intl' Students: 500 degree and professional program students, 50 high school, 600 English Language program from more than 60 different countries
Academic Program Areas
* Business Administration
* Economics and Finance
* Environmental Sciences
* Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Biopsychology)
* Applied Computer Science
* Human Rights and Global Studies
* International Development Studies
* Theatre and Film
* Kinesiology and Applied Health
* Criminal Justice
* Communications
* The Collegiate High School
* Post-graduate Professional Programs in Project Management, Human Resource Management, Public Relations & Marketing















A few of Winnipeg's top attractions:
- One of the world's top 10 beaches within an hour's drive;
- Manitoba's provincial parks for hiking, camping, swimming, and more;
- Mild springs, hot summers, colourful falls, and snowy, bright winters;
- Outdoor sports like hockey, swimming, cycling, skating, tobogganing, and fishing;
- Low cost of living;
- Purest air and cleanest drinking water of any North American city over 500,000 people;
- Great shopping at the city's malls and in shopping districts like Osborne Village, Corydon, and Winnipeg's French quarter St. Boniface.







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