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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 35 | September 11, 2011 |


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In Remembrance

A Smooth Criminal
Celebrating Michael Jackson's Birthday

Naziba Basher

Photo Source: Internet

On August 29 1958 something had happened, something big. A boy, far from ordinary, was born in Gary of Indiana. Little did the world know that this young boy would become a legend that only youngsters of this generation would be the last to witness and love, little did they know…that he was THE Michael Jackson.

With the faith of his father in his and his siblings' talent, they were moulded into a band in the 1960s known as The Jackson 5. Michael had joined his brothers only at the age of five to become their lead singer. He showed remarkable range and depth for such a young performer, impressing the audience with his ability to convey complex emotions.

After becoming a solo artist, Michael Jackson was unofficially titled-- The King of Pop. Youngsters all over the world are still addicted to his music. He had an influence, a kind of connection with all his fans as he set foot on a stage or even when just his voice was heard through the radio, an affect unknown but powerful nonetheless.

Living a life full of controversies and trauma faced since childhood, Jackson had never given up. When millions had turned against him, he had faith in the other billion that knew him for what he was and loved him for exactly that. Jackson was not just the most amazing, breathtaking pop-singer of this generation and the last, neither was he just one of the best known dancers following the footsteps of dancers like Bob Fosse, he was a wonderful human being. He thrived for what he believed in and also, made sure he positively inspired his fans to do so as well. World peace, human rights, anti-racism, name it-- Jackson had not only faced trouble with these issues, he overcame them, conquered them and turned to the world of music to spread his message to his fans and loved ones.

From the slight melodic whispers of 'You are not alone' to the chilling screams of 'Thriller', Jacksons songs are ones that are bound to make the hair on your arms stand up. His songs still play a vital role in the play lists of many young boys and girls who knew the true art of what Michael Jackson had brought to the world in the form of music and dance.

Abrar Hasan, a medical student says, “It is tough to really explain how much Michael Jackson had had an effect on me growing up. I was introduced to his music by my parents when I was about 3 years old and until I was about 11, he was pretty much the only pop star I ever heard of.”

“I remember trying the moon walk at the age of 10 (failing miserably). To this day Michael Jackson remains my favourite musician, even though I went through a lot of mockery back in school for not idolising metal, hard rock and so on. You catch that beat of a Michael Jackson song, and you really can't get it out of your head," adds Hasan. From all of his songs, there were only a few that might not have made it as big as the others on the charts. But each and every one of them had left a mark in our hearts with our own interpretation of the song. Hasan continues, “My favourite Michael Jackson song of all time is Billie Jean, and I have to say it is more of a family thing. It was my dad's favourite song when he was my age too. I still listen to the core MJ songs all the time and still watch his videos, which for me will never get old. He is my favourite artist of all time and I'm sure everyone can understand why!”

After his tragic death in July 2009, the world shed tears as they realised that they had lost a gem that not only played a big part in the world of arts but also in a lot of young individuals' lives. Proving his humbleness and kind ways, the words of basketball legend Magic Johnson, actress Brooke Shields, his children Prince and Paris touched the hearts of millions during his memorial.

As his 53rd birthday passed us at the end of last month, the world celebrated his being, his very existence and the fact that we had been blessed with a true artist amongst us. Watching the making of his last concert, 'This is it', we were reminded that...that was never it, because the King of Pop will live with us in our hearts forever.

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