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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 35 | September 11, 2011 |


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After Class

For a Good Cause

Tanvir Ali

This year Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest festival of Islam, came as a surprise for a hundred and fifty underprivileged children, all of who either beg or collect paper and plastic trash from the streets of Dhaka. These children were given new clothes on August 30, 2011, the Chaandraat, the night before the day of the biggest festival of the Islamic community, the Eid-ul-Fitr.

This activity was carried out by the members of North South University Social Service Club (NSUSSC), on the busy roads of Dhanmondi Residential Area. Ehsan, Afrida, Nahian, Tamanna, Samun, Nafis, Shaikat, Radin, Auntu, Rehan, Rafe, Nafees were among the members who worked hard to bring smiles on the faces of those little children. The Executive body members- Vice-president of finance, Arman Tahaboor, Head of Marketing, Tanvir Ali and General Secretary, Wadud Mohammad Ovi were also present to make the distribution successful.

Arman Tahaboor said, “As the Vice president of North South University Social Services Club, I always try to influence everyone to work for the underprivileged children because they are the future of our country and little smiles on their cute faces is the biggest satisfaction for us.”

Clothes were distributed in Dhanmondi Residential Area, in order to share the joy of Eid among impoverished children who could not otherwise buy clothes for themselves. After the whole distribution they wore the new dresses they were given and said 'Thank You' to the members. They even gathered around to take photos with NSUSSC members.

NSUSSC is involved in such activities that benefit the society. Since 1994 SSC has helped in awareness of HIV AIDS and distributed clothes in the rural areas of Bangladesh in winter every year. NSUSSC also collected blood for the Neemtoli victims and has always lent a hand to help victims of natural disasters. NSUSSC regularly organises events on NSU campus like the Book Exchange Offer where used books are bought by the club and sold to new students. The earnings from this Book Exchange Offer are donated for charity. NSUSSC also arranges the National Social Awareness Campaign Competition. Here, students from universities all across Bangladesh compete to produce awareness campaigns for different social issues, educating and encouraging the youth about important issues for helping the society. NSUSSC is also in charge of organising major NSU events like the NSU Annual Picnic and the NSU Annual Doah Mahfil.

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