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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 33 | August 21, 2011 |


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SPARK- a new beginning

Monsur Musa Tipu

Spark is a one of a kind dance organisation from Khulna University which executes innovative performances. It is without a doubt that a promising dance group has caught by storm the hearts of thousands of students at KU in different cultural festivals, fresher's receptions, farewells and rag days as well. Their popularity has also spread outside KU. The organisation was found in 2005 with the help of the university authority and a few students from the Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BGE) discipline. The inaugural show was held in the year 2006 during a convocation programme. With each passing year, the founders, Sumon Sarker, Monsur Musa Tipu and Saeed Asad strive to bring in new dimensions to the group. They have proved themselves as the ambassadors of KU in almost all the genres of dance, especially hip hop and pop dancing, which have gained most popularity. Their classical dancing was also appreciated in several occasions like Independence Day, Victory Day, and Mother Language Day. The dance performance to the song "Ekti Bangladesh" will be remembered for a long time for its perfect and elegant choreography. The performers almost burnt the dance floor with their outstanding performance of the King of Pop's classics “Dangerous” and "Thriller”. Students agree that they were a few of the most memorable experiences.

Courtesy: Monsur Musa Tipu

The group has performed not only in the campus of KU but also outside. It pulled a great show recently in the Khulna Public Hall to raise funds for Bushra Rahman Chowdhury, a student of KU, who has been suffering from cancer. A huge amount of donation poured in.

SPARK has always had its doors open for the aspiring dance talents across Khulna University. One can hope that this unique group from KU will go a long way with the love and admiration of the students.

(The writer is a student of the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.)


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