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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 32 | August 14, 2011 |


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News Snap

BLI organises "Banglay Badhi Shur"

The Bangla Language Institute (BLI) organised a cultural programme titled Banglay Badhi Shur on July 31, 2011 at the campus for the American students of BLI of the 6th batch. The students exhibited their experiences in Bangladesh during the training period. The programme comprised of Bangla songs, a drama, dance and recitation by the American students.

The programme started with a drama show where they showed what problems people face while traveling within the city such as, hiring a rickshaw or crossing roads. Followed by the drama was a duet song performed by Ashlee Andrews, an advance beginner student, a recitation of one of Tagore's poems by Michelle Quill who is an advance beginner student as well.There was a photo slide show by Ann Marie Spencer, an advance beginner student of historical monuments, nature and portrait.

Razima Selim Chowdhury, Deputy Director of BLI informed that the 6th batch of Bangla Summer Institute has been as successful as the previous batches.

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