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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 32 | August 14, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

The sandwich misunderstanding

As you all may know by now, Shaheen School is a very well known school for all the monkeys that roam around its campus (actual monkeys, not the term we use to refer to certain kinds

of people). And the friendlier ones were the best friends to some students. I had my fair share of monkey friends as well. Since I was a kid back then, I could not come up with a better pet name, so I simply went with the name 'Monkey'. Everyday during lunch breaks, I used to give my lunch away to Monkey as my mom would get mad if I came back home with a full lunch box. So once, I took sandwiches for lunch and Monkey didn't like it either, so he took a bite and threw it away. After the break period was over, our math class started and then came the shock of my life. Our math teacher entered the class with the thrown away sandwich in his hand! I didn't even know how to react to that!

Apurba Alam
B.A.F Shaheen School, Dhaka

Cornflakes blunder!

It's always a headache to even think of giving two exams in one day. I was one such victim back in my school days. One exam started at 9 in the morning and the second was from 2. So we had an hour in the middle to mingle around and have lunch while the nerds would study as usual. So what my caring mother did was give me a box full of most nutritious and protein filled lunch-- CORNFLAKES! Sadly she forgot what happens to cornflakes if you keep it in milk for too long. Yeah well, it almost turned into shuji, but I was so hungry that I could not stop myself from eating and later on when my second exam began, I learnt that this type of cornflakes causes 'super de-constipation'. And that was not the worst part; we were not allowed to leave the classroom during an exam. So, by now you can tell what must have happened.

Shubho Rahman
St. Marys, Chittagong

Notice board updates

Chewing gum was something I could not stop doingback in school. And then bubble gum was like the 'in' thing and everyone used to chew on them for hours on end. One day, I was being my usual self and entered the school chewing gum when I had one of my worst encounters with our vice principal. I got into trouble for chewing gum. The next day I went without a gum and saw a new notice on our notice board that said, 'No chewing gums inside school premises'. Even after seeing me without a gum, she was all over my back throughout the day waiting for me to do something dumb and I did. Next day when I went to school, I found a new notice on the board saying, 'NO RED/ANY BRIGHT COLOUR shoes allowed inside the school premises'. And thus the days of wearing my brightly coloured shoes ended at school.

Rumman Ahsan
Chittagong Grammar School, Chittagong

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