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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 5 | Issue 32 | August 14, 2011 |


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Festival Week at Southeast University

Nafeez Al Amin

Courtesy: Southeast University

When the banners went up on the July 23, 2011 at Southeast University (SEU) for the “Annual Festival Week 2011”, everyone knew that the event was sure to rock the campus for an entire week, till July 28.

“The Festival week aims to increase student participation in co-curricular activities”, said one of the lecturers at SEU. “Tough times are ahead and we need to prepare our students for that”, he added, and clarified that only academic excellence is not enough to make a student stand out from other candidates, especially in the job market. He also mentioned that the students' sense of belongingness with the University was enhanced by the festival week.

Movie marathons, club fairs, a cultural show and concerts- the festival had it all. Everything started off with the part one of Movie Marathon, during which three movies were played. The next day the Annual Club Fair 2011 followed, where the 15 clubs of SEU presented themselves to the visitors, accompanied by a recruitment session. Day 3 saw part two of the Movie Marathon where three different films were shown again. SEU's cultural club made its presence significant on day 4. An incredible cultural show with songs, dramas, comedy shows, dances and news that lasted for two hours was the highlight of the day. Day 5 and day 6 were the ones everyone was waiting for, because a two-day concert was about to sweep through the crowd. Swords, What, Albatross, Arbovirus and Shunno rocked the stage at SEU on the first day. The second day of the concert kicked off with individual performances by a few SEU students, followed by mind blowing band performances by Broken Hearts and Elita & Retake. Every moment was enjoyed by the crowd.

One of the voluteers said, “It seemed quite tough a challenge but we worked together and achieved it”. The Lecturer who organized the event promised students that this would be the first of many more events of its kind, which was much appreciated by all. The organizers also thanked Airtel Bangladesh Limited for sponsoring the event, the acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr Meshquat Uddin, all the members and students of SEU to help make the event successful.

Founded in 2002, Southeast University (SEU) is a reputed private University in Bangladesh. Since its inception, it has never looked back and never compromised quality and innovation in education. Currently it has around 12000 students studying in various faculties.

(The writer is lecturer, School of Business, SEU.)

NSUSS Hosts Summer Unplugged 2011

Md Saifullah Riad

Courtesy: Riasat
Courtesy: Turja

After overcoming many hurdles and obstacles, North South University Shangshkritik Shangathan (NSUSS) successfully organised the much awaited event, Summer Unplugged 2011, in the Recreation Hall of the NSU campus on July 27, 2011. In this year's Summer Unplugged session, many new bands got the opportunity to showcase their skills along with a number of popular and well-established bands and artists from NSU.

Bands like Mukhosh, The Seventh Ray, Maniacs, The Manager, Silverlight, Lumberjacks & Friends, Soothsayer, Aftermath, Aushruto and Revolutus rocked the crowd with popular numbers like Kryptonite and It's My Life along with songs of their own bands.

Sakib Bin Amin(SBn), faculty member, Department of Economics put the audience in the groove with the classic songs, Abar Elo Je Shondha and Alal o Dulal, while Shrapnel Method stormed the stage with Rong and one of their own popular tracks.

Old-School pleased the crowd with their unique folk-fusion style and sound. They performed a couple of their own refreshing tracks such as Rupkotha, along with their trade-mark song Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi.

Laura and her friends from Radioactive covered songs like Smooth Criminal along with one of Laura's own songs, while Radioactive performed November Rain and Another Brick in the Wall. The event came to an end with the famous tracks of band Shunno performing Mon Tore, Shoto Aasha, and Summer of '69.

All the bands were scrupulous in thanking NSUSS for organising such a great show and giving them the opportunity to play at NSU. Summer Unplugged has always provided a platform for all NSU bands in the past, and hopefully will continue to do so even in the future.


Stephen William Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, English scientist, Physicist and Mathematician was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England. His father, a well-known researcher in tropical medicine, urged his son to seek a career in medicine, but Stephen found biology and medicine were not exactly enough. Therefore, he turned to the study of mathematics and physics. Hawking was not an outstanding student at St. Alban's School, nor later at Oxford University, which he entered in 1959. He was a social young man who did little schoolwork because he was able to grasp the essentials of a Mathematics or Physics problem quickly. At home he reports, "I would take things apart to see how they worked, but they didn't often go back together." His early school years were marked by unhappiness at school, with his peers and on the playing field. While at Oxford he became increasingly interested in Physics (study of matter and energy), eventually graduating with a first class honours in Physics (1962). He immediately began postgraduate studies at Cambridge University.

Information source: Internet.

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