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Linking Young Minds Together
Volume 5 | Issue 31 | August 07, 2011 |


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Flying Without Wings

Maleeha Mazen Khan

"To me, graduation is the realisation that I am no longer a school girl; it is the call of reminiscence on how I spent my years as a student. It is an end of a chapter in my life,” said Maisha Mahpara Feroz, an O level graduate from Sunnydale School.

A graduation ceremony is not only a tribute to students for their merits, but also a farewell to their long presence. The ceremony leads to songs, speeches, certificates, but that is only to those expecting eyes of the student's family members, guests, etc. But, it is a different story for the teachers and the students who have been together for fourteen to fifteen years. “When students come up to me and say that they will miss me, it gets very emotional for me since they are like my own children. But holding onto it, I always hope that they keep their heads high in whatever they pursue in life,” shared Tazin Ahmed the principal of Sunnydale school.

The proud graduates.

On July 29 2011, Sunnydale school held a ceremony for their graduating students of both 'O' and A'levels 2011 batch. Dr Tanvir Ahmed Khan, the chairman, board of directors, Dr Abu Abdullah Ziauddin Ahmed as the special guest, and Dr Jamilur Reza Chowdhury as the chief guest were present at the occasion. The event took place in the Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in Dhaka and began at 6pm. Starting with a recitation from the Holy Quran, the event was followed by speeches from the Principal, and the honorable guests. Songs by Tagore were presented beautifully during the ceremony. Apart from the event being just a graduation ceremony, the interesting factors lied in the speeches that were delivered, the postures of the confident students, the spark on the faces of their parents and, the overwhelmed emotions of the satisfied teachers. “Graduates of this institution become true Sunnydalians only when they consciously and conscientiously inculcate our values and code of ethics in their personal and professional lives.” said Tazin Ahmed. “We want them to be strong and vociferous advocates of truth, justice and peace. Remember, there is no voice louder than the voice of reason. We expect our students to be the brightest luminaries in their respective spheres and focus the light of knowledge on the less fortunate. Touching lives and respecting humanity will only enhance their sense of being.” she continued.

Dr Tanvir Ahmed Khan expressed how he wishes that all the students will continue to prosper academically in addition to being the upstanding citizens they have been groomed to become.

“I am basically an optimist and believe in the power of the youth. You have to change the country for the better by turning into actions what you have learnt in the family and the school so that future generations can lead a much better, prosperous and peaceful life” said Dr Abu Abdullah Ziauddin Ahmad, Chairperson of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department, BRAC University. Dr Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, the first vice chancellor of BRAC University laid many an invaluable milestones for the generation of today. He, giving out his best wishes for students, also shared how they should serve the nation, and utilize the power of globalization now that it has become very important in this competitive world.

The event ended with a song sung by a group of students from different grades and the distribution of the certificates. With discipline and poise, the A and O level batches of 2011 are now proud graduates of Sunnydale School.



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