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Linking Young Minds Together
Volume 5 | Issue 31 | August 07, 2011 |


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Food Tips

The Ramadan Food Fever!

Elita Karim
Photos: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Courtesy: Khazana

IT's that time of the year again when the young ones look forward to yummy cooking and scrumptious tastes, both inside their kitchens and also outside their homes. From 'All you can eat' during the iftaar time and the late night meals during seheri, the month of Ramadan is as colourful as it can get for young foodies! However, this is also the season when the young men and women are turning towards a diet -- healthy and fulfilling. Not only are they getting all healthy conscious when it comes to food, but they are also making sure to swim and run every day. "I believe that Ramadan is the month to make a fresh start," says Nazia Taslima, a 22-year-old BBA student. "I have made a few promises to myself this year! This month, I will try to pray as much as possible, eat a lot of healthy food and use the time after iftaar to work out, at least for an hour every night."

For all those young people out there who want to eat healthy and not feel all drowsy after iftaar, here are a few tips:

1. Eat light during seheri. If you want to eat a proper meal, try a balanced diet with ruti or rice with vegetables and / or home-cooked chicken. Remember to drink plenty of water. Avoid having tea or coffee.

2. Try to break your fast with water or home-made fruit juice. Mangoes are in season now and so are guavas. If you don't want to squash the fruit, eat it whole. Instead of attacking the greasy delicacies on the table, eat something cold and sweet like lassi or pitha. After a whole day of fasting, gobbling up spicy food is definitely not good for an empty stomach.

3. Boiled cauliflowers, peas and peppered tomatoes make a great meal for iftaar as well. Not only would your plate look colourful but would taste good as well.

4. Bowls of cornflakes, porridge and chira with milk and bananas are also good for the health conscious. Have a cup of tea to feel energised and don't forget to add some muri (puffed rice) to it!

5. Try to have a proper meal during dinner, but a light one, with sandwiches or fish and vegetables.

For all those who love to experiment, go all out with making fruit drinks with your juice-maker at home and trying out new recipes as well. Spending iftaar times with family and friends with food experiments every other evening, is absolutely fun!

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