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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 3 | Issue 24 | June 19, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

The Assignment Mess

Once we were asked to form 4-member teams to read novels and write book reviews on them. We thought of selecting an old Bengali novel. When we were done with our work, our assignment looked quite rich as it contained well-analysed and sophisticated thoughts (of course, which were not ours and were clearly borrowed!) The next day, our teacher came up with the assignment marks. The moment he saw us, he started to scream, "I had never thought that you four are such 'courageous' thieves. You stole my writing and you had the nerve to submit them to me!" We earned a zero, but then he decided to give us another chance to redo the assignment and submit it again after two days. And this time, we read the whole novel and wrote down our own thoughts and analysis, instead of 'borrowing' from others.

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury
Independent University, Bangladesh

Napping Away!

You know how hard it is to bear with the sweltering summer in Dhaka. So one fine day when we couldn't take the heat anymore, we decided to 'chill' in one of the free class rooms. We had one hour to spare so we thought we could all relax there as it was fully air conditioned. After 5 minutes of relaxing, every one dropped dead (fell asleep) -- while sitting on chairs, the teacher's desk and even on the floor. It was so weird that none of us kept track of time until I heard a 'click'. I woke up and saw three teachers taking pictures with phones and laughing at us. By the time I woke up, I found almost everyone awake except the boy on the floor. He had a pretty hard time as he had to deal with the teachers and convince them not to send his picture to the yearly magazine! A hilarious school moment that I'll never forget.

Adnan Rahman
Sunbeams School

The Bully's Story

I still remember the days the gang and I used to bully around the kids in school. It all started back from nursery school when one day my mother had forgotten to put the lunch in my bag. By recess, I was extremely hungry and was furious for not having anything to eat! I was a lion, hunting for my prey. Sadly, a junior kid fell victim (back than we had nursery 1 and nursery 2. I was in nursery 2.) Being the senior, I went up to him and asked for his food and before he could say anything, I made up stuff to scare him. I told him that if he didn't give me his food, I would make him take his clothes off like I did to another kid a week back. Surprisingly enough, he bought what I said and gave me his lunch. And that's how my bullying carrier started till my graduation when I went up to each of the guys I bullied and apologised including the 'junior' whom I had bullied all those years ago.

Rayem Ashrafy
Golden Eagle

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