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Linking Young Minds Together
 Volume 3 | Issue 24 | June 19, 2011 |


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Going Global

New Learning, New Beginning

Abritty Abdullah

Participants at the MIYP, Courtesy: Abritty Abdullah

A while ago, I had one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. The fun week brought some bright young representatives from almost nineteen countries around the world under one roof. Their fresh thoughts, clear visions, specific ideas proved that all these young people have the potential to become future leaders of the world. I had the opportunity to meet these energetic people at Malaysian International Youth Programme, (MIYP) 2011 in Malaysia. The Malaysian government is encouraging young people to start business. Youth Entrepreneurship has been the main theme of MIYP this year.

According to the Deputy Minister, making money is an art and if the art is mastered then no one can stop one from reaching heights. Looking for desk jobs, office work, government jobs are backdated for the youth of Malaysia right now. They are creating opportunities, bringing their ideas to reality and forming businesses and shaping their own lives creatively. We the participants of different countries were taught how to come up with ideas and make them work. We were taught never to be afraid and to keep struggling until we achieve our goals.

In the exhibition of the young entrepreneur's works, I was stunned to see how the young minds conducted their skilful business. From this programme, I learnt that whatever the situation is, we should stop procrastinating and start doing something as soon as possible.

Life comes with risks. Young people should not be scared to take risks. Failure only leads to success so there is no point of getting disheartened. It is time for us to think of ideas which will help the community as well as make us financially independent. According to Director General of Youth Department of Malaysia, business is all about making money, the better you serve the better earning you are going to get. If we look from Bangladesh's perspective, it is a high time to follow Malaysia as they are continuously encouraging the youth to come out of their home and start doing business even if they have to start it from the road. Local and international businesses are areas we can work in to decrease youth unemployment rate in Bangladesh. Just a bit of support from the government, family and creative ideas considering the capital can make a young entrepreneur flourish. This whole programme inspired me immensely. No one can stop young entrepreneurs to make a difference if they set their goals perfectly.


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