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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 21 | May 29, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Why a teacher should never fall asleep!

I remember back in school we used to be the 'bunch of good students' who would annoy all the teachers, the bunch that teachers could not stand! So one day, while our teacher gave us notes to copy down, we were trying to come up with a plan of 'destruction!' She totally flamed her own grill when she fell asleep with her shoes off. The idea struck me as soon as I looked at her shoes! We took them from under the table and my friends and I handed out chewing gum to the whole class. They all gladly took the gum but didn't know what we were up to. After they were all done chewing their gum, I held her shoes in front of all the students and asked them to spit their gum out in them. After collecting about 50 chewed gums from all the students, we neatly put the shoes back under the table and sat back on our seats like diligent little children. Soon the bell rang and before the teacher said, 'class dismissed' we rushed out of the class and waited for a reaction. And then it came, the scream that we still have embedded in our minds and remember every time we need a quick laugh!

Nayena Binte
Scholastica International School, Dhaka.

The Old Chair

We were a boisterous bunch in class five. One day, a huge martial art freak in our class wanted to show us a trick by breaking a small chunk of wood into two by balancing it on two chairs. He smashed the wooden chunk and everyone cheered except for the quiet ones. That was quite a feat. I then gave him the idea of breaking a bigger piece, but this time from one of the wooden chairs. My friends and I tried our best to pull the chair from two corners, but couldn't break it apart. We kept trying when suddenly a small slip from our hands made the chair fly towards the windows, breaking through and landing on the open field. We knew we were dead and indeed we were! We were hauled into the principal's room and given a thousand lines to write. Fortunately, the news didn't reach our parents, thanks to our kind hearted principal, who gave us a chance to pay for the windows and the old chair.

Tasmiah Rahan Mahii
South Breeze School, Dhaka.

When the Teacher becomes an FBI agent!

Who wants to be in the soporific classes and listen to the long lectures at mid noon? Especially if the subject is Bangla! One day, our Bangla teacher was reading out an important model answer which we were supposed to write down and as usual, I was busy chatting away with my classmates instead. But suddenly I heard my roll number being called out aloud, asking me to come up to his desk with my copy and show him what I had written. As a matter of fact, I didn't even have my copy out of my bag! But as they say, fortune favours the brave, on my way, a friend of mine held out his copy and I exchanged it with mine. Smiling, I reached the teacher's desk and handed him the copy. "Is this your copy?” asked the dubious teacher. I nodded. He then checked the front cover to see my name on it. Thankfully my friend hadn't written his name there! But the teacher wouldn't give up. He asked me to write a line on a separate paper to match my handwriting. However, I imitated my friend's writing style very well and handed the sheet of paper to the teacher. Seeing both the writings, the stubborn teacher said, “All right, the writings match. Go back to your seat." And I, confused whether to be bemused by my skill or my luck, came back to my seat!

Jonyed Nasir Anik
Notre Dame College, Dhaka.

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