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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 21 | May 29, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

The Optimus Gun!

Remember back in the days when water guns were the 'in thing'? Well, we had our share of fun back then. Each of us used to carry at least two types of water guns in our bags. One would be totally new and the other would be custom made with different water tubes and tapes patched around it. We even had names written on each of our guns. Mine was called 'Optimus', since I was a crazy Transformers fan. One day I was taking cover in our school bathroom when I heard a friend yell, “Pani lagbe!! Back up!! Back up!! (Need water!)”. It was a perfect time for ambush. With an evil smile, I jumped out with both my guns and started firing. Once the whole tube was finished, I saw our Principal standing right in front of me drenched in water. And you know how it ended-- a week of suspension and twelve hours of detention!

Rahik Haque
Shaheen English Medium School

Bulls eye….Not!

BOMB BUSTING! A game all the kids play in school and I did too. I remember at one point our school guards started seizing our tennis balls because we were having bad aiming days and class room windows started shattering almost everyday and it got worse. I was always the sharp shooter and I used to aim for the ones who tried to dodge the ball. And everyday I had a new victim. But once I made a major mistake in choosing my victim and threw the ball as hard as I could. The victim was none other than our Economics teacher who was only 5 feet tall. As usual I got expelled from school for the fifth time that year, just for playing bomb busting!

Rubayet Hyderi
Maple Leaf International School

The Stinky Classroom!

Ever heard of a class room beside street garbage? Oh well, we experienced it. That was the worst year of my school life. Everyday going to school was like going into a public toilet. After a month or two we kind of got used to the crappy smell but then came the day when the smell was too much to handle and sadly our new English teacher came that day. She was so annoyed with the smell thinking someone pooped in class that she took all the students out to the bathroom, made us take off our pants to check if we actually did poop. Later on she realised it was actually the garbage and not us; but anyhow it was one of my most embarrassing school moments.

Osama Rahman

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