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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 21 | May 29, 2011 |


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Star Chat

Ordinarily Extraordinary

Naziba Basher
Talks to
Actor Nusrat Imrose Tisha

Courtesy : RJ Sadia Binte Hedayet

For me, university hasn't been as fun as it's supposed to be. At the end of the day, shooting and studying don't go hand in hand for me and everything turns out to be a little hectic. But one thing I have to mention is that no matter how much of a name I have made, I make sure I am always treated normally like every other student. Even when someone tries to treat me differently, I befriend them in a way that they see me just as a friend and nothing different.

After getting into the Independant University, Bangladesh (IUB) to study Media Communications, it was a whole new experience for me compared to Viqarunessa Noon School and College. I had to adjust to a whole new system with new friends and increasing responsibility. I guess, joining university has taught me to be more responsible in every way since there is a lot more competition than there used to be back in school.

When I was studying in Viqarunessa, we were a group of seven to eight friends who used to be together all the time. We went through happiness, sorrow, enlightenments, realisations and so much more together and we always used to have each others' back. I am very grateful to them for always being with me through thick and thin, all the way from school to college.

One thing I remember is that when we moved from school to college (Classes 11 and 12), we started feeling like such grown ups that we decided to go against all the rules and regulations of the college. We were so annoyed that even after being known as 'college students' we had to follow all the school rules. So, we decided that we would do all it took to go against all that. We used to try and bunk classes and we would do anything and everything to make our attempts successful. Of course, knowing how strict the school was, we would almost never succeed. During Physical Training classes, we would try and think of any excuse we could to skip class, like having a stomach ache or something. That is, of course, if we were unable to bunk it. We hated Physical Training!

And also, after moving to college we were also getting cell phones for ourselves. We always tried to take them with us to show them off in school! Once again, it never worked. But the kind of effort we used to put into making these things happen were really funny and are things I still remember. The plans and plots still make me and my friends laugh thinking how pakna we were back then. Some of my closest friends were Snigdha, Sadia and Mishi. We still are just as close as we used to be. Snidgha, being my best friend, has been through everything with me. We were so close that, after moving to college, when our sections were split, we tried to convince the teachers to put us in the same section. Since it didn't work, I used to go and sit in her section and she would be in mine as well sometimes!

Right before my SSC exams (Class 10 finals), I remember, after my father had just passed away, nobody wanted me to sit for the exam. Jaman Ara apa, one of my teachers, was the only one who believed in me and pushed me to write the exam. I am and will always be thankful to her for inspiring me and believing in me.

I think school and college years are the times that build the foundations in your life. A building never stands tall until its base and foundation are strong. We get that base and foundation in our school and college years. So, my advice to all the young children out there is to study hard and have fun. Only then can they make their futures flourish, be successful and happy in life.


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