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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 19 | May 15, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Nearly Wed!

It was during my last semester at BUET. A professor asked the students during class who wanted to get married after graduation and as I was already in a steady relationship and was going to get engaged in a few months, I raised my hand. Surprisingly a lot of guys and girls also raised their hands. I mean a girl getting married at 22 or 23 is accepted in our society, but a young man getting married at that age is still very unconventional. Anyhow, after class I went up to the boys and asked them why they were planning to get married so soon. The looks they gave me were brutally blunt. Trust me! I have never been so confused in my life. Little did I know the professor actually asked who wants to do 'MBA' after graduation and I heard 'Biye' (Marriage). It was -- hands-down -- one of the most embarrassing campus moments I have ever faced!

Shila Sultana
BUET, Dhaka

A Slippery Situation

There were a lot of teachers we hated back in school. And the feelings were very mutual. So, every time we would get into trouble, our class would get together to take revenge. There was this one teacher we hated the most -- Mrs. Joanne. She had recently complained about us to the principal, which were not true. So, it was payback time! Right before her class was about to start, a lot of us went to the bathroom, got the soap and rubbed it on the floor right in front of the door so that when she would enter, she would slip and fall. We had the whole plan ready and were waiting quietly and anxiously for her entrance. We heard her footsteps and got very excited until we realised it wasn't her! It was our principal walking towards our classroom. Each and every one of us exchanged frightened looks and had individual heart attacks. She opened the door and…doomsday happened!

Zenusha Ahmed
American International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Balancing Act

I remember everyone telling me how it is not safe to balance a chair on two legs, and that too, while leaning on it. I never listened to anyone because frankly, it had become a habit that I could not get rid of. So, while in class, talking to a boy, (I like!) sitting right next to me in the above described position, I tried looking very 'chilled out', as they say. He kept trying to make me laugh and I had to laugh at his jokes because I did not want to be mean. I might have gotten carried away and I ended up laughing a little harder than usual. When I did, my chair lost all balance and BAM! All I could see were my legs up in the air and the boy's head popping out of somewhere and asking me if I was okay. That day, I had learned my lesson. I hate how we always have to learn it the hard way!

Jessica Rodrigues
Texas, USA.

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