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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 17 | May 01, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Leaving the Crime Scene

There was this stupid prank we used to play when we were seniors in university. Back then, anything and everything looked 'cool' and 'funny'. What my friends and I used to do was make people put their hands on their faces saying that if the hand fits their whole face, they might have cancer. And when they would try and measure accordingly, we would slap the hand on the face and laugh. I had a friend, Natasha, and I decided to play the prank on her. I told her the stupid cancer thing and she was trying it. Little did I know that Natasha was super sensitive! When I slapped her hand on her face, she paused for a while and removed her hand. Her face was red and her nose began to bleed! All my other friends who were there with me were gawking at what had just happened! I had absolutely no idea what to do. So, I…ran!

Nabila Hossain
Malaysian Institute of Art
Kuala Lumpur

Hazardous Sneezing!

I think this happened when I was in the 4th grade. Yes, one of the most embarrassing situations of my life decided to occur when I was that little. I was in class and we were writing an exam. It was our last exam so none of us wore our uniforms since we had decided to be a part of the class party afterwards. I dressed myself all nicely and looked very fancy. But then something just HAD to happen to ruin my class. While writing the exam it got very cold and I sneezed. I sneezed so hard that I ended up farting a little and the whole class gave me the weirdest looks! My instincts made me point at the guy sitting behind me and laugh. I did and so did the whole class! While the little boy was protesting that it was actually me, nobody believed him. As cruel as you think I may be, I had to save my dignity!

Maryam Sharif
South Breeze School

Morning Skippers

I used to hate the morning marches we had to do on Fridays, and I would always find ways to skip it. My school was huge and had many of fields. One of the fields had around knee-high grass on it. So, one morning two of my best friends and I figured out a way to skip the morning march. Before the headmaster came to the grounds, we went out to the back and hid in the field with grass. We sat down behind the tall strands of dense grass and were just hanging out and being nonchalant. A while later I felt a pull on my ear. I stood up to realise that the headmaster had found us hiding! Even though the three of us were scared to death, we still talk about this incident after all these years because the look of fright on each of our faces was unforgettably hilarious!

Mili Khan
BAF Shaheen SchooL, Dhaka

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