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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 14 | April 10, 2011 |


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To be Inspired

Ovick Alam

A group of students from Dhaka University's Department of Marketing called 'Synectics' organised a workshop on Career Planning on April 2, 2011 at the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) conference hall. The hall was buzzing with enthusiasm as students looked forward to a wonderful session on Career Planning by Quazi M. Ahmed. The session kicked off at 10 am with a welcome speech by the Chairman of Department of Marketing, Dhaka University and the chief guest of the event.

170 pairs of bright young eyes lit up as Quazi M. Ahmed introduced himself by the means of an innovative video and multimedia presentation. He started the discussion with an inspiring theme that drives us all -- dreams. “Not following your dreams is a crime,” he told the participants. He urged them to follow their dreams and start acting now as opposed to waiting for the future.

Quazi M. Ahmed giving his speech. Courtesy : DU

He illustrated the method of career selection through a sophisticated structure. It depicted the common ground where three elements of professional life coincide Passion, Best in the world and Economic Engine. According to this structure, the point where all three elements converge is the best place for your career. One has to be passionate about what he does; otherwise he will not be motivated. One has to be great at what he does in order to be well recognised for his work. And finally, one must be able to sell his work to fuel the economic engine and make a profession financially sustainable.

Quazi M. Ahmed is a storehouse of positive energy, and he did not fail to spread some around in the conference hall. He demonstrated the importance of self-confidence and determination in achieving success in life. He encouraged the participants to love what they do and do what they love, which makes the recipe for success. He spoke about the law of attraction and how it channels positive energy to materialise our dreams and the things we want. One must aspire to be something or someone, and then take immediate action instead of waiting for luck. He said when you believe you can do it, you start doing it passionately and success will be the end product. He illustrated this example by inviting two participants, a male and a female, to break a pencil with one finger - and they were both successful!

Excitement filled the hall as the stage was set for the final and most important part of the session. The Participant's Self Assessment, a session regarding which career is the best for them based upon their personalities. Quazi used Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) technique. Over the past 45 years, millions of people have been introduced to 'Type' through their jobs, counsellors, books, etc. It was an opportunity for the participants to make use of this powerful tool. Eight personality traits were explained: Extroverts-Introverts, Sensors-Intuitives, Thinkers-Feelers and Judgers-Perceivers. After the students evaluated themselves on all eight criteria, sixteen personality types showed up with various professions listed under each personality type. Most students discovered interesting facts about themselves and found a perfect match between their desired profession and subject of study.

In conclusion, Quazi inspired the participants to achieve their dreams and motivated them to adopt a 'Never say die' attitude. He advised the students not to take the default approach to their career, and jump into the first job they get. Being too rigid in career is also not desirable and everyone should look out for the best option available to them. Lastly, he emphasised that choosing the best career is worth the wait. The participants were stirred by Quazi M. Ahmed's amazing session, and left the hall with great inspiration.

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