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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 3 | Issue 14 | April 10, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

A Self-proclaimed Fashion Icon

I was the one who always got bullied around in school, so life wasn't all that great back then. For me going to school was like entering a boxing ring, where I would always be the punching bag. I was a very trendy kid back then, so even after being bullied I made sure I looked good. It was a Thursday and I tried my best avoiding the huge bullies but my efforts weren't enough. During our break period, three huge guys came up to me and said “Yo loser! Come with us, we need to talk.” For a second I actually was about to pee in my pants (thank God I didn't. They were Armani!). So anyway they took me to a corner and asked me something out of the blue. They asked, “Ei man! Where did you buy those trousers from?" I said, “Erm, Doja market." and thought -- oh no! I have to go home in my boxers!! Should I just take them off and hand them over?! They said thanks and patted me on the back and left. Despite feeling like a loser in my head, I did end up feeling like quite the fashion icon!

Omi Akbari
Maple Leaf International School

A Dressing Disaster

It was February 20. I remember the date specifically because we were rehearsing for our show at school the next day where I had to dance. Obviously, rehearsing with our saris on in front of the senior boys was a big deal to us so we were at our best trying to get our steps right. I geared up to rehearse well and asked all my mates to do the same since this was our last rehearsal before the big show. While walking towards the auditorium being in our characters (since we were known as 'the dancers') we looked proud of ourselves and the task that we had to perform. Suddenly a friend of my older sister's ran towards me screaming my name. Oh, how famous I felt! I was getting ready to give him an autograph or so I thought. He ran towards me and said “Your sari is coming off from the back. You better fix it before you get on stage!” and left giggling. I turned into a million shades of red as I tried holding my sari in one piece while running back to the changing room not even daring to look at the people I passed by. Yes, one of the most embarrassing days of my life. Since then I had made a vow. A vow so strong that I had kept my word to date -- always make your mom put your sari on!

Nayena Khan
Bangladesh International School, Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Against the Big Show

It was the summer of 2009, sometime around mid-July. I could feel the sweat pouring from my head into my eyes. One on one against the giant! The Arafat! I knew I had the skills and what it takes but Arafat was just too BIG! It was before a huge football match and I was practicing against the 'BIG SHOW' also known as Arafat in school. All I had to do was take the ball past him and keep the possession. Everything was going great, I was trying to be like the legendary football player Messi while the Big Show was making a fool out of himself until he performed a bizarre tackle were he actually lifted my legs up with his hands and threw me 8 to 10 feet away. Before I could hit him or anything I realised that there was something much worse to handle than Mr. Ginormous. There was an enormous split just below the zipper of my pants. That is when I learned one of life's greatest lessons -- never try and be the 'BIGGER ONE' against someone double your size (and wear stronger pants!).

Rubayet Mostoba
BAF Shaheen School

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