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   Volume 3 | Issue 13 | April 03, 2011 |


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William Carey Stages 'Get Smart'

Adnan Mannan

After a heartwarming musical, a modern tale of big city intrigue, and a fascinating Arabian stage play, it was time for the William Carey Academy's Drama team to come up with something slightly more adventurous. Something a little classier. That is exactly why WCA chose "Get Smart" for its 9th annual Drama production. Based on the hit 1960s television series of the same name, this show parodies the secret agent genre. William Carey Academy is an American curriculum based English medium School of Chittagong city. The Annual drama of this school is famous for a different concept, idea, gorgeous arrangement and acting.

The play stars Maxwell Smart, the top agent of CONTROL, an anti-espionage bureau. Maxwell Smart, more frequently referred to as Agent 86, is a mediocre spy who got propelled to his position in the spotlight by arbitrary luck and a charming personality. In the play, Agent 86 and his partner, the glamorous Agent 99, are given an important mission. As instructed by the Chief, director of CONTROL, they need to save Princess Ingrid of Scandinavia from the deadly hands of KAOS, the international organisation of evil. KAOS specialises in spreading terror and, well, chaos. They must also protect a top-secret weapon called the Inthermo that is in development under the supervision of the eccentric Professor Dante.

Students playing their parts in the play. Courtesy: William Carey

The drama had a simple starting point- it was an idea. A tiny, tentative concept, but purposeful idea nonetheless. Transforming this idea into reality took a great deal of planning from the drama director, Mrs. Nan Walter. Not only did the director work hard, but the actors spent months practicing and perfecting their roles. Behind the scenes, the talented crew also worked diligently. The set crew had to create and manage backdrops, furniture and other things that were needed on stage during the different scenes. The stage managers conducted the scene changes when the curtains were closed.

The technical side had to be in sync with the play as it was going on, providing the actors with sound and light cues, spotlights when needed and various sound effects. Lastly, the props department had to provide the actors with many objects that had to be used in the performance.

And of course the student directors had to preside over it all. It was only when the cast and crew were in near-perfect collaboration that the play could be successfully performed.

On the night(s) of the performances, Barshan Khan (who played Smart) dazzled the audience with his amazing acting. Paired with Oshin Yine (the actress portraying Agent 99), the duo blew the audience's minds with their numerous antics. The leader of KAOS, the formidable Mr. Big, was played by diminutive actor, Tim Gregory. The hilarious gadgets: phones hidden in shoes, people stationed inside trash cans, and the impressive Inthermo all involved tremendous special effects. Makeup and costumes were expertly used to create distinctive characters. All together the outstanding acting, brilliant direction, and amazing production techniques worked together to make a world full of evil villains, classy secret agents, crazy old people and adorable blondes out of a group of normal Chittagong teenagers.

(The author is a writer and Lecturer at the Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, University of Chittagong.)

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