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   Volume 3 | Issue 11 | March 20, 2011 |


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Cricket Wear

Fauzia Sultana

Fans sporting the Bangladeshi Jersey.

If cricket is the talk of the town, it cannot go unnoticed by fashion. Red and green have been the colours of the streets since the start of the ICC World Cup and everyone is in full throttle to make sure that their support is obvious to the world.

Not just jerseys, but people are also wearing red and green kameezes, saris, kurtas, tee shirts -- whatever they can find to proudly sport the colours of our national flag.

As common as it may seem, wearing the Bangladeshi jersey brings out a whole new side in you. It gives off the "maar ghuriye" vibe as you walk by your fellow supporters on the street and throw them a smile that shows your confidence in the Tigers. It shows how we all are a part of one big nation ready for whatever comes our way.

Girls are seen all around the streets sporting these jerseys ever-so-stylishly. The best way to put on a jersey, since it is almost always over-sized, is to put on something at the bottom that accentuates your legs. No, there's no need to show them. But just something to make sure you don't end up looking like a pillow-case. Skinny jeans are most preferred but nowadays 'jeggings' are also catching on really fast.

Footwear is very important when you want to dress with the Tigers in heart and mind. Heels, whatever sort, will not complement the rest of the attire. But with a pair of flip-flops or better yet, vans or converse, you're sure to look the part.

With the sporty look, you obviously don't want to make your hair to be attention-seeking, because let's face it, it is all about the jersey. Either let your hair down or tie it up in a nice pony-tail and you are good to go.

Boys are pretty much born in jerseys, so most of them will have a good idea on how to portray the image of a die-hard supporter. Whether with baggy jeans, straight jeans or shorts, when it comes to sporting the Tigers' official tee shirt, everyone should think 'style'! However, baggy jeans are slowly and painfully dying out in the fashion world. Straight jeans and also, surprisingly, skinny jeans are the 'in' items for boys nowadays. But nothing will ever beat the comfort and fashion statement of the knee-length shorts. Whether it is denim or any other material, loose shorts look good with almost everything. Shorts can also get tricky. But if worn with the jersey, a pair of shorts is good enough.

Footwear also matters when it comes to men. Converse or almost any kind of sneakers would look like the whole attire was sold as one. That is exactly how compatible one is with the other. Some men can also try out flip-flops and flat sandals. But whatever you do, do NOT wear sandals with a pair of shorts and a jersey. It is complete fashion suicide.

To look good for the Tigers is looking good for the country. With the whole world watching, it is our turn to show them that our looks are just as great as our hearts. Come on tigers! Come on Bangladesh!


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