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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 09 | March 06, 2011 |


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Sheemtana Shameem

They come in different shapes and sizes, they fit in everything you need and they can be a fashion statement by themselves. That's right, this week we'll talk about your most essential accessory on campus - bags! So what are the styles of bags that go hand in hand with our busy study lives? Here are a few basic ones that you could look to carry on campus.

I think for us in Dhaka, the satchel is the most popular type of bag for students. They look comfortably cool on both girls and guys, and they give you this slouchy and relaxed outlook that defines students. I am all in for satchels, always. However, instead of taking the usual sporty ones, you could try out leather satchels this time. All vintage styles are trendsetters these days, hence a brown leathery satchel would not only stand out, but give your look a semi-casual feel. Pair them with solid coloured shirts in beige or brown and voila! You are almost bringing back a 40's accent into your usual laid back student style. Girls can make use of the satchel, not necessarily with the kameezes, but with mid length traditional kurtis and skinny trousers in beige or soft white. It could be the perfect combination in this light weather.

Whether you are a guy or a girl the backpack is perhaps the most convenient and useful bag ever invented for students. They are always in, and they are great for your health too since they shift the weight of the load on both shoulders. Backpacks are often preferred to handbags for carrying heavy loads, because of the limited capacity to carry heavy weights for long periods of time in the hands. I know girls don't really like to carry them a lot beyond school years, but it is worth carrying one if you want to avoid having back pains after four years of heavy duty weight lifting! Backpacks are also here in a lot of different materials nowadays, so guys, you could get sturdy fabric ones in grey or brown with leather edges, which looks more mature and separates you from the school boys too. And girls could actually try carrying soft pastel coloured backpacks if you think they are not your thing yet.


The shape of a tote bag originally comes from beach bags that were made with heavy duty fabric. Wiki defines a tote as “a large and open, with a handle centred atop each side. In the classic cloth version, arched straps form both handles.” Keyword here is 'large'. So girls, these bags fit in your books, copies and all your other essentials. I have sometimes carried a hoodie, or shawl in them and have found it extremely useful for after class shopping sprees. And you can put your laptop in them as well. They come in fabric, faux leather, plastic, jute and a lot of other materials, so you can take your pick. Also, usually they are available in really pretty prints and patterns, like florals or polka dots which are perfect if you are looking to add a kind of bohemian element to your ensemble.



The bowlers are voluminous and celebrities love them all over the world, and the trendiest fact is they stand upright all the time even if you put it down. Although not so convenient on the really busy days, you could carry these when you put an effort to dressing up all girly and feminine. They look amazing with shalwar kameezes too and are much more useful than carrying a matching shoulder purse that barely fits your wallet or cellphone. The designer ones are all too expensive for a student. But there are non-branded ones that look equally elegant.

Photo courtesy : Sheemtana Shameem

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