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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 3 | Issue 07 | February 20, 2011 |


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Turning back the pages

Musician Zohad
talks to Salman Rob

Courtesy: Zohad

I was in South Breeze throughout my school life, later completing my bachelors from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB).

During my school life, I had four friends who meant the world to me. The five of us would always be up to something or the other. There was this one time when it was about to rain and we could hardly see anything in our classroom without the lights turned on. We decided to take off the bulbs so that the end result would be no classes! We succeeded in cancelling our economics class but luck soon flew out the window - they had extra bulbs. Nevertheless, we felt like heroes. I used to have a real good time during the science fairs and foundation days. And then there were those times when one of us would get caught cheating; it always felt like the world was coming to an end!

There are many funny and memorable memories that I cherish from school that when I think about them, I want to relive those moments. My favourite moment would definitely be the first time I met Reeshad, who later became my best friend. He is no longer among us. I miss him dearly. I consider myself lucky to have met someone with whom I connected from the very first day.

When you are in school, it is a given fact that you will be under constant surveillance, whether it's your parents or your teachers or the school prefects who come chasing after you whenever you're bunking. None of that really applies when you get into university. You are more independent. You begin to make your own decisions - which subject to choose, what to major or minor in, which clubs to join. It is a whole different atmosphere, the 'adda' in the canteen, hanging out with friends throughout the day. It is just awesome and I miss it.

I sure did meet a lot of people along the way who have inspired me through the years and not all of them were teachers. But it was during my trip to Bogra for my field experience course where I met the head of our Environmental Science department, Prof. Harun-nur-Rashid. He was there to guide us on how to go along the course. He is such a great motivator. It is in the way he speaks; with his impressive demeanour, he drives one to do something positive.

It is quite interesting the way I got into music. Our guitarist Maher who is also my classmate has always been into music for as long as I can remember. He played the guitars since he was in class 4. He formed a band when we were in class 8. I wanted to sing a few songs at a friend's birthday, so I requested them whether they would help me out. I needed to find out if I could sing well because I had never sung before! So I got to their practice and started singing with them when Yawar, the drummer burst out, “Hey, this guy can sing!” So yes, Nemesis was born soon after that birthday party.

When it comes to inspirations, I am a huge fan of U2. Bono is my idol and I can't help but mention that my father used to be the vocalist of a band during the 60's called The Rambling Stones. He was a crazy Elvis fan, and my mother used to play the sitar, so I was brought up in a home that would be full of music most of the times.

My parents have always taught me to be honest, and mostly to be true to oneself. I am full of hope for my generation; we are a young and dynamic one and I believe we have good days ahead of us.


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