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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume3Issue 01| January 09, 2011 |


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Of Misty Mornings and Trendy Evenings

Sheemtana Shameem

December seems to have suddenly gone by, hasn't it? Between holuds, weddings, parties and exams, the winter months just trail along together and we get caught up in this wave of ritualistic fashion. There's red and green for all the victory month celebrations, and then each wedding brings with it its own colour theme that has to be represented through all the dancers, bride's friends, cousins, flowers and what not. I am sorry if I sound a little grouchy at this point, trust me when I say, that is not at all the intention. Dhaka winter is amazing! It has room for too many styles, and I am just a little exhausted (to my delight) of the different looks I have to shift into from day to night. I am sure most of you can relate. I think we deserve a pat on the back for our chameleon like traits, because most of us have it without even realising that we do. Remember the day you were running in and out of classes all day in your most comfortable pair of flip-flops (yes, even in winter), jeans and a solid colour pashmina with your hair tied back? That was the same evening you went home and realised your friend's walima was not the next day and you suddenly managed to turn that ponytail into a neat bun and looked stunning in your mum's lace saree! So yeah, give yourself some credit for that.

The young urban life of late demands too much of our time, effort and commitment. We have difficulty trying to cope with that and retain our own sense of style at the same time. I am thoroughly convinced of our style potential, but concerned as to how much of we make use of it in reality. It seems to me that somehow we get swept away by all the things that we have to wear and end up ignoring what we want to wear. What matters in the end is not what we read in magazines about current trends but how we carry ourselves in every situation with comfort and satisfaction. It's called 'finding your inner style'. Please bear with me if this is starting to sound a little philosophical now, I am getting there. I am a firm believer of individual fashion, no matter what the trend is, you HAVE to look different and unique. Sometimes, a lot of things turn into 'pseudo trends' just because some people are flaunting them, not because they are trendy in general. Let's not fall prey to that. I mean, if all the girls on campus are shortening their shalwar hems and all the guys are wearing colourful lettered t-shirts, doesn't mean it's what you have to do. Someone could be height impaired for instance, and this particular style of shalwar would not really compliment their overall build. I am not criticising the particular design or cut, just citing an example of. The other common factor that clouds our path to achieving inner style is that most fashion blogs/write-ups/articles being too instructive, and sometimes a bit coercive. I could tell you all day to pair your gladiator sandals with harem pants or skinny denims with A-line kurtis or wear your shawls with kameezes instead of ornas. But if you think your gladiators would look better with the skinnies, then you would think twice before pairing them. Hence, I prefer to not blindly follow fashion writers or articles that are like a display of Lego bricks, i.e. that give you the right tools for creating your own version of 'what's in'.

Enough fashion philosophy for now. Let's get back to enjoying our sweet season of parties and pithaas. This is the time to do something radical and look for your inner style, because you won't get room to develop it once you reach a certain age. So go ahead girls, pouffe your hair sideways with that embroidered kameez and guys, wear your punjabi with a dhoti shalwar just for a change. The idea is to enjoy your style statement, not just make it.

Model: Tripola
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Make up and Styling: Farzana Shakil


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