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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume3Issue 01| January 09, 2011 |


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Through the Lens

Life in Frames

Salman Rob

Waiting: 1st prize for Black and White by Morshed Hyder Khan.

A Decade has passed since the East West University Photography Club was formed. Since then, six successful exhibitions have taken place. This time, to make the exhibition more interesting, the club had different categories where students participated, starting from architecture, still life, lifestyle, portrait, nature and landscape and black and white. The 6th Intra East West University Photography Exhibition, 2010, took place at the Drik Gallery from December 27 to 31, 2010.

“The exhibition is going really well and is better than the last time,” says K.M Sakib, a participant and a current student of East West University. He also adds, “We get to travel a lot as members of the photography club. We have visited places like Sonargaon, Manikganj and many other places with forty to fifty photographers at a time.”

The last date of submission for the exhibition was November 25, 2010. A week of judging took place by the members of the jury, Shafiqul Alam Kiron and Abir Abdullah.

Raja Pratapaditya's hamamkhana: 1st prize for architecture by Aranyataru Chattopadhyay.

Over all twelve prizes were given. Two prizes were allocated for each category, first and second. For architecture the first prize was given to Aranyataru Chattopadhyay for 'Raj Pratapaditya's Hamamkhan' followed by Hossain Shahriar, who got the second prize for 'Skyscraper'.

For still life first prize winner was Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo for 'Light My Fire' followed by Munira Rasul Fatima, who got the second prize for 'Dominated'.

In lifestyle, first and second both prizes were achieved by Aranyataru Chattopadhyay for 'Loknath Bandona' and 'Eternal Enlightenment'.

For portrait, the first prize was given to Sabil Hoque for 'I Face of Soul' followed by Aranyataru Chattopadhyay, who won the second prize for 'Alo Ashbei'.

The Broken Bridge: 1st prize for Nature and Landscape by Ruksana Ali.

For nature and landscape, the first prize winner was Ruksana Ali for 'The Broken Bridge' followed by Ahmed Shawki, who won the second place for 'The Lonesome Night'.

Morshed Hyder Khan took the first prize in the black and white category, with his 'Waiting'. Istiak Mahmud got the second prize in this category for 'I see you'.

A portfolio showcase was also shown throughout the exhibition to teach the young photographic minds different dimensions of photography. The portfolios belonged to Rashid Talukder, B.A Sujan, Shafiqul Alam Kiron and Hasan Saifuddin Chandan.

Saad Mahmud, a student of East West University and currently working for Public Relations at the photography club, tells us about their future plans. “We want to organise an exhibition on a national level, which would bring all the universities closer and also motivate them to involve their photography clubs with ours. We are already thinking of this event and hopefully by 2012 we will organise it.” Mahmud also mentions the other awards which were given out.

“There was an honorary award which was given to Ismail Ferdous as Photographer of the year 2010. The nominees for this award were mainly the ex-members of the photography club and the teachers.” Beside this award, another Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Rashid Talukder, a renowned Bangladeshi Photographer, for his contribution to Bangladeshi photography for so many years.

The organisers are really happy with the number of people that turned up to catch the exhibit. They hope that exhibitions like this one would and should take place every now and then, with an initiative to help the young minds get an opportunity and also a ready platform to showcase their talents.

Alo Ashbei : 2nd prize for Portrait by Aranyataru Chattopadhyay.


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