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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume3Issue 01| January 09, 2011 |


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News Snap

NAVANA presents FYL Traffic Awareness Motor Rally-2010

Forum for Youth Leadership, FYL - a forum of Prothom Alo-Jobs took an initiative of Metropolitan Awareness Campaign supported by Navana by organising a two day campaign for Traffic Law and System awareness. The campaign was successfully arranged with a motor rally on the first day and a procession on the next day. In the motor rally, FYL volunteers took a tour around the important and busy spots of Dhaka city. During this rally, 50 motor bike riders donned safety helmets while car drivers were fastened in their seat belts. In addition, they all carried valid documents as per traffic rules as proofs of a conscious attitude towards the newly adjusted traffic rules and policies. Meanwhile, participants carried attractive banners and placards conveying effective messages. On the following day, 70 of FYL volunteers handed flyers, stickers, festoons, and banners to travelers in six important street junctions.

It was an effective initiative of Navana and FYL to spread the message of metropolitan traffic awareness to the people of Dhaka. The organisers hope the initiative will benefit everyone and build awareness for congestion-free, safer streets.



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