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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume3Issue 01| January 09, 2011 |


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Going Digital

Joining Hands for IT Development

Faheem Shahed

A project based partnership between Admiral IT, a Danish software company based in Bangladesh developing solutions under the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and the American International University, Bangladesh recently joined hands to create a pool of human resource. “We chose AIUB because they are committed towards technological advancement in their educational system. Through the support of the DANIDA B2B program and the Danish embassy we are able to create a step in leading towards “Digital Bangladesh,” says Ed Alcanzare, Head of Marketing of Admiral IT.

Dr. Carmen Lamagna, Vice-Chancellor of AIUB says, “Our objective is to supply the corporate sector with professionals that are able to cope with international business demands of quality standards and the only way to achieve that is to provide our students training from global experts. Admiral IT's competency has always been integrating business processes and the technologies that applies to it and we could say that both domains are our focus for learning.”

Attila Gajdos a Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist running Microsoft Partner Development Centre based in Hungary expressed his appreciation for the university laboratory. “I was quite impressed with the facility AIUB has provided us (referring to the Microsoft Lab). Our expectations if not met was exceeded. We needed a facility that could handle complex applications and we never had trouble doing that.”

The training programme consisted of existing Admiral IT and ICT Alliance employees and a mix of selected students and faculty. This covered essential parts of MS Dynamics SureStep specialised methodology used by Microsoft Dynamics project managers. The said tool provides users access to hundreds of documents and templates essential in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as structured workflow to assure that the processes are standard and development projects succeed. After two whole days of training on Microsoft Dynamics Surestep, introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV was initiated." Bangladesh is poised to be a huge market for quality business management. More and more organisations here are looking into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV is already being used by some heavy hitters here including Grameen phone and ICDDRB. And we are expecting that number to grow quite dramatically in the coming year,” says Marwan Rashid, Admiral IT's technical lead. In the succeeding days a more rigid training on utilising the above platforms pushed through.

Admiral IT Business development director Frands Sharpe says, “As our company is expanding, there is an urgency for us to develop and introduce what we do to the upcoming IT professionals and that is why we are here. There is great potential in development outsourcing here in Bangladesh if we establish a good base for human resource and we look forward to continue and grow the now established good business relationship with AIUB. Our plan is to continuously commence training at both entry and high level. Skill building is essential for Bangladesh's ability to act as a player in the international market. And as we are funded by Danida through their B2B program, we are committed to their aim of knowledge transfer.”

“I currently teach Software Project Management, Windows Programming and ERP courses at AIUB, and hence these courses will get enriched with the inclusion of Sure Step and NAV as learning materials. Students will be able to have a better understanding of the real world scenarios and how solutions can easily be achieved. Overall, it was a great training and hopefully there's more like this in the future,” says Syed Ishteaque Ahmed. “We get the basic idea about MS Sure Step and MS Dynamics NAV. I think it will help us in future. Truly it widened the horizon of my knowledge and I would like to thank AIUB for hosting the event and creating opportunity for us and special thanks for Admiral IT for organizing the event splendidly.” Navid Rahman a student of Computer Science and Software Engineering and a recent addition to the Admiral IT workforce. Navid is now being trained to pioneer a project on Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a developer for one of the major players in the garments industry.

(The writer is Associate Professor and Head of Department of English, American International University Bangladesh, Dhaka.)



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