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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 2 Issue 50| January 02, 2011 |


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A Study Abroad Programme:
Winona State University

Maleeha Mazen Khan

Fall, spring and summer are the times of the year when 'changes' break in, be it the change in season, or the change in lives of high school graduates. You will get to see students applying for Universities here and abroad, some miss out on crucial details while some back out when they don't get a chance in there desired universities. Life isn't that simple, but it can get easier, when you come in contact with organisations like Educating Global Citizens (EGC).

EGC is a student and immigration consultancy firm in Bangladesh. They are designated to make life simpler for those looking for overseas job, immigration or study abroad opportunities. Their main objective is to furnish their clients based on “what, when, and where they need”. With the motto of satisfying their customers through quality and professional services, EGC organised a seminar on December 22, where upcoming students can communicate directly with the director of global studies in Winona State University, Dr. Yogesh Grover, as well as the alumni of the university.

The seminar was organised by Imtij Rasul (Director-EGC), Salman Ibne Sobhan (Director-EGC) and Sharifur Rahman Khan (Director-EGC). The seminar introduced Winona State University in Minnesota, USA. It has enrolled over 8600 undergraduate and graduate students. It is the oldest member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and offers more than 80 programs as well as select programs on its satellite Winona, West Campus and Winona State University, Rochester.

With the objective to promote studying in USA, Dr. Grover kept his opening speech. He delivered the opportunities that Winona provides for international students, and how eager he is to welcome students from Bangladesh.

After a short tea break, more views were exchanged. Nadim A Jahangir, IUB (Ex-WSU), shared his experiences at WSU. He shared how the campus changes its outlook with every season and how Minnesota being a small town, is the most convenient place for a foreign student. Cathy Faruque, WSU graduate and chairperson of social work there, said on a friendly and funny note, how she never thought of going elsewhere for college other than Winona. She adds, “ My mom gave me an option between either Winona or finding a job.” She also shared how her nephew, who is from Bangladesh, had only one complaint while studying at Winona; it was the unavailability of bhaaji and dal. But once he settled down, he made Winona his second home. The seminar ended with the closing remarks by ex-WSU students, Ibrahim Kamal Ahmed and Nabeel Ali.

“Do something with passion and money will follow you,” said Nabeel Ali, who with this motto started his undergrads at Winona. Mr. Ibrahim Kamal Ahmed had something similar to say while sharing his feelings. He said that we need to fix a goal at first regarding the subject we want to study. There is no way that we will fail in what we want to achieve even when life is full of uncertainty. Imtiaj Rasul is another successful graduate of Winona State University, and who today, happens to be one of the successful directors of EGC.

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