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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 2 Issue 49| December 26, 2010 |


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Seminar on Gender and Representation

A seminar was held at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), Sylhet on 'Gender and Representation: Ibsen and Strindberg in Current Worldview' on December 12, 2010. The 6th batch students of English Department arranged the event.

Dr. Shahed Ahmed, Assistant Professor, coordinated and chaired the session while Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam of Dhaka University and Professor Shafi Ahmed of Jahangirnagar University were chief and special discussants respectively. Dr. Md. Ati Ullah, Associate Professor and Head, Shanjida K Boksh, M Sikandar Ali and M Shafiqul Islam, Assistant Professors, and Afsana Salam, Lecturer of English Department, SUST also took part in the seminar. One student of MA and four students of BA (final year) presented their respective papers and answered questions from the audience. The presenters and the titles of the papers were: Mahmud Ullah'Early Modernists: A Reappraisal of the Theatrical Conventions of the Masterbuilders,' Afia Khaun Sathi'Proviso or Declaration? Ibsen, Feminism and A Doll's House,' Masuma Akhter Tamanna'Power-play of Class and Sexuality: Strindberg's Projection of 'Soul Complex' in Miss Julie,' Nurul Hai Muhammad Anas'From Black to White, White to Black: Heroines as Victims or Products of Society,' and Chowdhury Saimun Afroze'Helene Alving: Representation of a Radical Woman in Ghosts.'

The Chair and the discussants focused on the relevance of Henrik Ibsen's and August Strindberg's plays in the present world. They explored the central subject matters of these Scandinavian playwrights, for instance, the contemporary social status of women, negligence, physical and mental tortures and discriminative attitudes. towards them. While speaking on these issues, the discussants threw light on the ongoing social problems of our country, for example, eve-teasing, acid-throwing, sexual harassments, tortures of many forms on women, and suggested the ways and means to overcome such evils. They firmly hoped that this kind of seminar would help deal with these problems by creating awareness through literary explorations, and play significant roles to eradicate these social demons. Nearly five hundred students attended this academic event.




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