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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 2 Issue 49| December 26, 2010 |


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Branding the future
BrandWitz 2010

Rakibul Hasan

From a person to a product or even an idea, everything can be branded. In today's world, branding has become a way of life. Though the concept of branding is relatively new in Bangladesh, the Institute of Business Administration Communication Club (IBACC) has pioneered the steps to popularise the concept of branding among the youths by organising BrandWitz, the nation's largest marketing competition.

The IBACC, in association with CLEAR, a brand of Unilever Bangladesh Limited, organised the BrandWitz 2010 from December 9 to 15. This year twenty two teams from all over Bangladesh participated in the competition. However, through a process of rigorous elimination, four teams remained to compete in the final for the prestigious title: BrandWitz 2010.

Photo Courtesy :IBA

The first round of the competition had been an engaging and one. After the first day's competition, twelve teams out of twenty four, had made it to the second round. The second round focused on product branding. After a meticulous battle among the top twelve, four teams had survived for the final round.

The topic for the much anticipated final round of BrandWitz'10 was: 'Branding Bangladesh through World Cup 2011'. The finalists were from the following universities: United International University, North South University, and Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, with two teams qualifying from IBA. The final was broadcasted through media partner ATN Bangla, the media partner.

The team from North South University emerged as the winner and champion of BrandWitz '10. While two teams namely IBA-NFS and IBA-SITH, from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, were the first runners up at the competition.

Apart from the corporate magnates, this year's revered panel of judges for BrandWitz was graced by members from Development, Government and Non Government sectors. The adjudication panel of BrandWitz'10 consisted of Athar Ali Khan, Shah Masud Imam and Aly Zaker.

In conversation with the Star Campus, Muktadir Shubhro Jinnah, the president of the IBACC focused on the importance of business competitions like BrandWitz. According to Muktadir, BrandWitz offers the best minds in marketing from all over the country with the opportunity of evaluating their talents while pushing them out of their comfort zones. The competition also helps students to develop skills like time management, team work and crisis management.

Today branding is playing a significant role not only in the business sector but also in promoting a positive image of Bangladesh to the outside world.



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