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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 2 Issue 48| December 19, 2010 |


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Inspired by the Everest Successor

Saila Ishrat Annie

Musa Ibrahim talking to the IUB students


On December 9, 2010, the School of Engineering and Computer Science of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) had the opportunity to spend quality time with the man who made our country proud, Musa Ibrahim. He is the first Bangladeshi to accomplish the summit and waved the flag of Bangladesh at the peak of the Mount Everest.

Ibrahim spoke about his expedition and showed the students the images that he had taken while climbing. He also shared stories about his co-partners and spoke about the fundamentals of climbing with the students. He remarked that strong determination, passion and proper guidance could get one to the position one aspires. All throughout the expedition, he feared to lose his life as he climbed over mountains. He also faced difficulties in climbing the walls and taking in oxygen at very high altitudes amongst other problems. It was on May 23, 2010, that he finally reached his summit. All the listeners were at the edge of their seats while visualising the whole expedition. Ibrahim invited all the engineering students for the upcoming project -- swimming up the Teknaf Bangla Channel (18km). Ibrahim also shared his desire to succeed the other six summits of the world. Apart from the poverty and political unbalance faced in our country, it feels good to see that there are some people who work and try with their heart and soul to achieve pride and honour for the country.

The writer is a student of School of Engineering & Computer Science, IUB




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