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     Volume 2 Issue 43| November 07, 2010 |


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Butterflies buzzing and moving

Belal Hossain Biplob

The wandering and soft murmuring sound of different colorful species of butter-flies have enriched the natural beauty and filled the heart and charmed the eyes of the spectators in Jahangirnagar University campus. Four types of new species of butterflies have been discovered at Jahangirnagar University recently.

In the country, Dr Monower Hossain, associate Professor department of Zoology, JU has discovered these species through his long time research. He carried out his research from June 09 to May 10 and discovered these new species of butterflies.

He said these species came to Bangladesh from India through their looking for new environment. The different colourful species of birds including migratory birds, butterflies, and many other wild creatures are living in the beautiful environment of the university, as it is a safe habitat for them. These colourful species of birds and butterflies have increased the natural beauty of the university.

Monower Hossen said the butterflies varying in their species live from 1 to 4 weeks. At least four weeks is needed to complete their life-circle for production and smooth growth of them the suitable period is April to September.They live on eating grass, leaves and other natural herbs. They take shelter in the space of leaves, rubbish for protecting themselves from the rough weather.

Around 102 types of different species of butter-flies have been found till today. The recently discovered four types are Taracus Nara, Rathindra Amor, Junonia Orithia, and Venisa Cardui. Besides, India these species are also found in Thailand and Malaysia.

These species are found at different places of the university including Botanical garden area of the campus, outside of different residential halls, gardens of faculties, Rag udayan and other places.

Dr Monower with is students and Dr Shafiq Haider Chowdhury of Chittagong University at first in 1996-97 discovered 51 types of different species of butter-flies.In Bangladesh Dr Mahmudul Amin of Dhaka University and Dr Shafiq Haider Chowdhury of Chhitagong University at first discovered different species of butter-flies.

There is a high quality economic position of butterflies in capital market as eco-tourism said the researchers. To increase the genetic origin and production of crops the research on butterflies may be helpful.

Each year around 20-30 million dollars currency comes from the business of butter-flies. The scientists of China and Japan have recently discovered that it may be create new cells lapping the DNA's organic fossil of butterflies that would be used in solar electricity.

Dr Monower Hossen said that a butterfly fair would be arranged on Jahangirnagar University campus on the last week of November for emphasizing the importance of preserve the ecological balance of the environment. He saying added that there are huge opportunities to be benefited through the use of different species of butterflies in research and industrial activities and huge amount of foreign currency may be earned exporting butterflies.

But it is not possible alone due to the economic problem without the assistance of the government.

Dr Monower Hossen had a strong affection to butterflies from childhood during his student life. He was 18 batch student department of Zoology. He completed his PhD on insects of Molecular Biology in 2007 from Kanawaja University of Japan.

(The writer is a student of English, Jahangirnagar University).


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