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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 39| October 10, 2010 |


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A Different Note


Samia Tamrin Ahmed

This year a very interesting date beckons us. It is the 10th of October 2010. Those who celebrate their birthday on that specific date, do rejoice a moment that comes once in a century. Take some time off from your busy day and appreciate all that is going around on our planet. It is nice to have time off to reflect on one's actions and plans for the future. It is nearly the end of yet another year, and what a wonderful time to reflect on the activities we have done the past nine months, our new years resolutions we have kept or had shoved off in the cupboard.

I was part of a workshop this year where the organisers/trainers had a morning session everyday aptly named 10-10-10. Thirty minutes for interesting exercises to energise ourselves, from the body, mind, heart and soul. There would be a part of physical exercise, vocal 'stretching' and ended with a meditative practice, each for ten minutes. These were designed to wake up the body, voice, and mind to prepare us for a fresh day ahead. And doing something fun like this definitely lifted up our spirits for the whole day.

So, you may similarly use the 10th of October to work on yourself. Do some running about, practice your sa-re-ga-ma-s, and focus on your life goals! If you are short of time, do any one of these; I am pretty sure you will have a great day with a happy perspective in tow. Think back to the good times you had, the good people who pass by your life, making a mark in your heart. Scratch your brains and find more interesting ideas, activities that can bring out the philanthropic self in you. Think about ten old school friends you unintentionally ignored this year, and perhaps write to them. Or, meet up with some of them and share life and stories of all things that happened since you all parted ways. You may want to make a list of your life goals and think about the possible ways of achieving them. Close your eyes and imagine you have reached where you want to be, and feel how the aura has changed. If you feel life is being harsh with you right now, stir up the belief that things will be fine soon, and it could have been worse. Trust me, you will feel better.

10/10/10 is your day, make it special your way, make sure your happiness is shared, and touch people who love you the most! It can help you live the rest of the year and life better.

(The writer is a student of Dept of Economics, DU)



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