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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31| August 1, 2010|


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Embracing Greenery

Md. Raisul Islam Sourav


We, the students of Department of Law of Northern University Bangladesh, recently came back from a tour to Mirik and Darjeeling, India. We started our tour on 8 July by a bus from Kalyanpur. Completing all immigration formalities, we began our expedition from Changrabandha, the Indian border.

Our destination was Mirik. I must say that the exquisite beauty charmed us all. Our jeep ran by the edge of the hill. That was an astounding experience for us. At one point we were informed by our driver Dhiraj Dewan that we were travelling at four thousand feet from the sea level! We were surrounded by soft and cold clouds. The white soft and puffy clouds greeted us at Mirik. Afterwards we went to visit the Mirik Lake. We were speechless by the beauty of the place. The scenery was indeed breathtaking. The natives of Mirik also won our hearts by their cordial approach.

Following morning we started for Darjeeling. We reached Darjeeling at about 2.30 P.M. We were at seven thousand feet above the sea level. After having lunch, all got busy shopping. The next stop we had was at the Japanese Temple where we went on sight seeing. We got drenched at the crystal water of Rock Garden. But when the Ghorkh people suddenly called for strike for three hours we were bound to observe their strike. Later, we visited the Zoological park of Darjeeling and Himalaya Mountain Institute (HMI) museum.

We all were thrilled to see the school where Shahrukh Khan shot for the film called "Main Hu Na". Darjeeling is proud of its tea. Watching tea gardens up on the hills was an extra-ordinary feeling. At the end, we acknowledged the warm hospitality of Prodip Da after crossing the border and Sabuj, who was the convener of the tour. We all thanked him for his dedication in arranging the tour which was indeed a successful one.

Mirik and Darjeeling are a lovely places to visit. The times that we spent were special and I would love to go back there whenever I will get a chance to break free from the hustle and bustle of the city life.







The writer is a student of Department of Law, Northern University Bangladesh
E-mail: sourav.mollick@gmail.com

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