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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31| August 1, 2010|


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Just A Thought

Chapters of Wedding Diary

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

NOTHING beats a family reunion when the reason is a wedding ceremony. It is during this time when the whole family comes together for a grand celebration and is often overwhelmed by the very thought of wedding preparation, the late night gossips, last minute arguments and then the fun filled occasion that is remembered forever. All of you must have attended the wedding ceremonies and do have an idea of how it goes in this part of the world.

The wedding starts off with the decoration and the food, and it is very obvious that our elders would gather in the living room and spend nearly an entire day discussing and arguing for the best proposal. Then there is the part of unnecessary loitering of few good-for-nothing fellows, who however will pass their comment in every matter, as if they have had numerous marriages of their own and have grown immense knowledge or rather 'experience' should actually be the word that they claim to have under their hats. You will also see that the bride and the groom are as picky as they can get and everything has to be that precise, otherwise the world will come to an end for them. We do have wedding seasons in our country and I'm sure people will choose winter to be the best time of the year to tie the knot. There are few who opt for a monsoon wedding and the ceremony has got a different kind of flavour which many people love to enjoy. Wedding makes families to come from all places. People from all the possible corners of the world would come to be a part of the celebration. Even in these people you will get to find faces that are over concerned and the little ones are either little brats or snobs. You then get to see the differences in attitude and behaviours which I'm sure are indeed hilarious and often more interesting than a Drew Carry show. The chauffeurs on the other hand do become very important characters and they are always busy, with a reason and without any.

The fun part starts with the cousins and friends when everyone has a story to tell and pranks to play. You will get to hear the amazing secrets of the person getting married and it is sometimes mixed with a touch of sarcasm and the whole conversation is dragged for hours. Nothing is planned beforehand in a wedding, and when you do things spontaneously, that is the cherry on top of a lovely mess. Beside this, when everything fails, you still get to see few giving off innocent smiles and that puts an end to a volley of questions that might have been shot at them. The bachelor night is in fact the time when you realise how beautiful or miserable your life is going to be in your later days, and so you break free from all your conscience and indulge yourself and groove to the music and entertainment. The glamour and the dance all creates a certain sense of enthusiasm and one should better be a part of this to have memories which will last a lifetime.

On the wedding day, everybody looks their best and it is a common scenario to go on looking for either an eligible bachelor or for a senorita. Then again you will hear a common exchange of words between your mother and an unknown person, and they really end up talking about your own marriage or who else is more appropriate for you, and even before you know things, the conspiracy has already been done against you. The photographers and the cameramen are the 'paparazzi' and they go on searching for the most attractive face; if they get one, you shouldn't be surprised to see a face almost in every photograph of the album.

Wedding in our culture is the best one as I see it, and here you get to understand what a wonderful family you have got. It is the wedding that unites everyone and you do develop strong connection with your loved ones. The laughter and the joy, the randomness and the bonding, the humour and the affection, all comes in one package which although lasts for a short time, but makes a mark in our heart. Then as the days go by, you do recall those times and talk for the whole day, as they are the most precious chapters you all have written in the wedding diary.

Photo Credit: Easel Mortuza

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