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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31| August 1, 2010|


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News Room

CDC of Daffodil International University

Md. Anowar Habib Kazal

CAREER Development Center (CDC) of Daffodil International University and TREE Foundation, Bangladesh jointly conducted a number of sessions on “ICT for Treatment and Human Rights” in XVIII International AIDS conference 2010, Vienna, Austria from 17 to 23 July 2010. Syed Mizanur Rahman, CDC Coordinator and Md. Ziaul Haque Sumon, Officer participated in the conference.

There were 20,000 delegates from around the world including activists, community leaders, researchers, civil society members, GO, NGO and different UN bodies. Each session initiated discussions on positive use of ICT. CDC is expected to arrange a national seminar in August with knowledge and skills acquired from the conference with delegates from local and international organisations.

‘Bangladeshi Photographers'

'Bangladeshi Photographers', the pioneering virtual photographic community is organising a photography exhibition at Dhaka Art Center, Dhanmondi from 4 to 8 August featuring selected photographs from the online competition titled Bangladeshi Photographers' (BP) Challenge. Over 275 entries were submitted from three age groups, namely Category A 10 to 18 years old, Category B 19 to 26 years old and Category C 27 years and above.

A total of 50 photographs from all three categories will be selected for the exhibition that will be followed by a jury awarding the best photograph from each category with a DSLR camera or any camera equipment within the allotted budget. The theme of the exhibition is open and anyone can participate.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on 4 August by renowned photographer, David Barikder. Special guests include Kawser Mahmud, representative of Dhaka Art Center and Jamal Ahmed, trustee member of Dhaka Art Center. Media partners include Banglavision, Star Campus and ABC Radio.

Biz Quiz at JNU

Rahad Janntul Islam

WITH the theme "Test your knowledge", the Business Club, Department of Marketing, JNU organised a business quiz competition named “BIZ QUIZ”. The quiz programme has been segmented into three major rounds. The main aim of the quiz was to enhance business ideas and business intellectual ability of the students. It also helped the contestants as well as the viewers to know about different business issues. Four groups (Espirit de corps, Venturer, Business Xpress, and Knowledge Hunter) took part in the Group round with each group consisting of 3 members. Two groups went to the final competing counter parts. These two finalists were Knowledge Hunter (Fahim, Anisul & Taufiq) & Espirit de Corps (Maum, Kazol & Kawsar). The Grand Finale round was held at Dept Conference Room on 26 July, 2010 and the champion group was Knowledge Hunter. The programme was anchored by Saif Muhammad Anowar, member of Business Club. The Advisor of the club was Mahmudul Hasan Fouji, Lecturer, Department of Marketing, Jagannath University.

The organising committee members of BIZ QUIZ were Alif Ahmed (President), Tanvir Wahid Lashker (General Secretary), Rakibul Hasan (Joint Secretary) and Syed Ahmed Tajuddin (Academic Affairs Secretary).

Seminar on Mass Media held at JU

THE International Relations Department of Jahangirnagar University (JU) organised a seminar on “The Role of Mass Media in Analyzing International Relations” at the Arts and Humanities building of the campus on 15 July. Around 200 students and media personalities were present in the seminar which was presided over by Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Chairman of the Department. Ajoy Dash Gupto, Associate Editor of Dainik Samakal presented a keynote paper on the subject. Shamim Reza, Associate Professor of Mass Communication and Journalism of Dhaka University and Dr Tarek Samsur Rehman, Professor of International Relations of JU addressed the function as discussants. Speakers stressed on country-favoured coverage maintaining international relations and goodwill.

Juvenile writers of SARA International School

Writingsof Afra Hanan and Afiea Ibnat,students of SARA International Schoolat House-74,Road-7/A, Dhanmondi,Dhaka have been published in Japan based international juvenile Bangla Magazine Kishore Chitra. On27 July 2010 Ln.Alhaj Md. Nazrul Islam Sikder, Chairman of the governing body of the school handed over his token of gifts to the juvenile writers on the occasion. Principal in Charge, Mohammad Saydur Rahman and teachers of the school were also present in the event.

Southeast University student nominated as a Commonwealth Election Observer

Masud Alam

SHAHREEN Srabon Tilottoma, student of the Department of Law & Justice, Southeast University has been nominated as a Commonwealth Election Observer by the Democracy and Politics Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat, London. The Commonwealth Election Observer Team consisting of ten members from all over the world is assigned to observe the National Elections of Solomon Islands which is scheduled to be held on 4 August 2010.

Ms. Shahreen is the only Commonwealth Youth Ambassador and a sole female representation from South Asian region in the Commonwealth Election Observation for the National Election of Solomon Islands. Currently she is the President of the Commonwealth Youth Network Bangladesh and has been actively involved in youth development activities at national and international level.

Freshers' reception at Manikganj Govt. Mahila College

Zahangir Alam Biswas

MANIKGANJ Government Mahila College recently organised an orientation for the first year students. The Chairman of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka and president of Association of BCS General Education Professor Fahima Khatun was the chief guest in the event.

The former member of parliament and founder of the college Mofizul Islam Khan Kamal, Principal of Government Devendra College Professor Abu Bakar Siddik, former principal of Government Devendra College, Professor Abu Azha Ahmed Asaduzzaman, Mayor of Manikganj Municipality Md. Romzan Ali and President of Manikganj district Awami League Golam Mohiuddin were the special guests.

Principal of the college Professor Abul Islam Shikdar presided over the freshers’ reception. Assistant professor of the college Muhammad Habubur Rahman facilitated the discussion.

Inauguration of CE English Club at UAP

Nauroz Farhan Nur

DEPARTMENT of Civil Engineering (CE) of The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) has launched an English club as a co-curricular activity to help students achieve excellence not only in educational field but also in career and job fields. For higher studies, job competence, career build up in today's globalised society, good communication skill in English is a prerequisite

This club is offering a platform for students to enrich vocabulary and enhance their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English. Founded by some enthusiastic students, the club is running under the advisory of Emtazul Haque, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering. The club started its activity with vocabulary build up. Further it has plans to create real life activities like presentations, seminars, reciting sessions, workshops etc., so that students can judge their communication level and improve the lackings they may have by participating in such activities.

To make the club more interesting to students, English film festival, creative writing competition and story book reading sessions are also included in the activity list of the club. Overall the club has started its journey successfully with the voluntary participation of students and support of teachers of the Department of Civil Engineering.

North South University Cine & Drama Club

NORTH South University Cine & Drama Club (NSUCDC) has organised annual event along with the exhibition and a movie show. The main attraction of the event was “The Bald Prima Donna” written by Eugene Lonesco.

The drama 'The Bald Prima Donna' was written by Eugene Lonesco and directed by Rajib Chandra Das. It was translated into Bengali. The drama was shown on July 23 & 24, at One-meter plaza stage, NSU campus, Bashundhara, Dhaka. Directorial was supervised by Sydur Rahman Lipon and overall affair was supervised by Abdus Selim and Dr. Israfil Shaheen.

The exhibition was held on July 22 and 27 at recreation center of NSU. Technical materials of theatre, Props, Costume, script, Mini set, and so many theatre and cine related things were shown there.

News Snap

The Time of My Life
Bidding Farewell to University

By G. Sumdany Don

IN the Convocation ceremony, the Valedictorian has to sit separately from all the other graduates, close to the stage but far from all his or her friends. During my convocation last week for the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), I was that lonely Valedictorian. As I looked over my shoulder, I could see so many known faces all sitting together, wearing their black gowns and square mortarboards for this special day. It was the turning point of all our lives; it as time for the fireworks to begin, it was the time for us to graduate.

It is ironic that we had spent our university days yearning to graduate, and now that it is time, we are nostalgic about those days. I could see it in the eyes of my friends, sitting there together. Gone are the days of freedom, of jeans and sandals, of dating, fighting, loving and hating, mornings full of classes and evenings full of tea-stall addas. Now, we would be stepping in a world that demands maturity, practicality and feasibility; a world that never compromises; and competition is perpetual. But, sitting there, I knew that the room held the next generation's business and community leaders, actors, journalists, corporate high-flyers, and stars, and that all of these ULAB students would contribute in some way to the development of our beloved nation.

My good friend Mahmud was not visible from where I sat. We two were actively involved with many extra-curricula activities together; something that I am sure everyone will miss most about ULAB. Studying at ULAB was about more than just books, lectures and traditional education; it was about learning about the world, and the practical things in life. While there were the books with theories of success, there were also the co-curricular activities that showed us how to build our own success. The debate clubs that taught us public speaking, the media and cultural clubs that increased our communication skills, and the sports clubs that gave us energy - creating the foundation for us to become the next generation's leaders.

I could see all my wonderful teachers sitting in the front. Their faces were bright, heads held high, satisfaction in their eyes. It was clear to see the pride and joy they had, like parents, watching their children finally stepping into the real world. I cannot name all the teachers to whom I have such gratitude, but I can say they were our life-blood and inspiration. They, especially Dr. Brian Shoesmith, challenged us always to be better students and better people. Moreover I remain forever grateful to Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed for creating the Career Vision workshop, where we learned about the realities of the job market literally changing my whole perception about education and helping me in focusing on my goals.

I could see Pinki, Piash, Jenny, Novo, Roya, Mehedi, Hasib, Hiron, Nabil, Faisal, Raju, Raqib, Faizu, and several other friends of mine, together after a long time. I know most of them never realized how deeply I cared for them. Sitting there, I remembered our study tour to Panchagarh. A lot happened during the trip; joy, anger, selfishness and self-sacrifice. Even now, that trip was a defining experience for me during my time at ULAB. We all learned that the truth of a person is revealed when we are away from our comfort zones. And this is the kind of experience that any true higher education should give us, and the kind at which ULAB excels: to learn about life, people, perceptions and the way we are!

When I joined ULAB in 2004, I was in its very first batch ever. I felt like Christopher Columbus, setting his foot in the New World. Several of my relatives and college friends scoffed at me, thinking I was mad to join a new, untested university instead of the old established ones. Little did they know that joining ULAB would be the best decision I have ever taken in my life, and whatever I am today, all credit goes to this great university, to all my teachers, and to all my friends for either giving me love or pain they all gave me something more than just education. They made me a man.

Suddenly I could hear my name being called to give the farewell speech, and waking up from the deep memories of these years, clearing my blurry emotional vision I walked towards the podium. Dear ULAB, it was time for me to say goodbye.

“Hon'ble Chancellor, His Excellency Md. Zillur Rahman, Respected Special Guest Professor Nazrul Islam, esteemed Governors and faculty of ULAB, parents and my fellow graduating students- Assalamualaikum and Good Morning.”

(G. Sumdany Don was Valedictorian in ULAB's first convocation held at the BICC on July 20, 2010. A proud ULABian, he is currently working as the Consumer Engagement Specialist in the Dhaka branch of one of the largest FMCG companies in the world)

News Snap

CDC of Daffodil International University at 18th International AIDS conference

Md. Anowar Habib Kazal

Career Development Center (CDC) of Daffodil International University and TREE Foundation, Bangladesh jointly conducted number of sessions on “ICT for Treatment and Human Rights” in 18th International AIDS conference 2010, Vienna, Austria from 17-23 July 2010. Syed Mizanur Rahman, CDC Coordinator and Md. Ziaul Haque Sumon, Officer are participated the conference proactively.

It's a conference with 20,000 delegates from around the world including activists, communities, researchers, civil society members, GO, NGO and different UN bodies. Each session has created new relationship and conversation on positive use of ICT by young people and communities. CDC is expected to arrange a national seminar with knowledge and skills received from the conference by August 2010 involving some other delegates and presenters from local and international organisations.



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