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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 31| August 1, 2010|


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Daughter My Sweet Daughter

Md. Rafiqul Islam

MY daughter was born in Rajshahi Missionary Hospital. When I heard the news of her birth, I rushed to the hospital and the nurse raised the baby to the height so that I could see her through the window. The baby turned her eyes and fixed them on mine. It seemed to me a miraculous incident. I have heard that new born babies cannot throw glance at any thing. After some time, I met my wife who looked very pale and feeble but she looked at me with such shiny eyes as if she has given me the most precious thing in the world.

I was searching in my mind what name I should give to her. The word that came into my mind is 'Glory'. It has a special meaning and I thought all educated persons in the world would be able to understand the meaning of it. After a few days when we went to a foreign doctor, Dr. Shaila, she asked what her name was. I told 'Glory'. She was very pleased and said, 'It's a good name'. My mother at first had difficulty in pronouncing it but after practicing several times she could finally say it. She liked it and felt proud.

She was admitted in Blue Bird Preparatory School in Sardah three km away from Rajshahi Cadet College Campus. She used to go to her school by a school van. One day the van turned turtle and Glory got injury in her hand. She needed some stitches. When she came with her teachers, we approached with great anxiety. She hurriedly told her mother, “Mother, forbid father to say anything to my teachers, they were so caring to me.” I was really impressed to see how respectful she was at that very early age.

As a Secretary of Officers' Club I arranged different kinds of cultural activities and she took part in singing, dancing and debating. I also took her to college pond with other kids to teach different styles of swimming - butterfly, back stroke, breast stroke; free style etc. I also bought her a red bicycle. She used to ride it with me through fields and village roads. I wanted to teach her hardships of life.

I was also preparing her for cadet college life. I used to place different types of English and Bangla books in front of her. She also developed a habit of reading and writing. Day by day, the time for admission in Cadet College came. My joy knew no bound when I heard that she was qualified for the admission in Mymensing Girls' Cadet College. With chocked voice I informed her of the news.

Now I have become two dimensional - both a teacher and a guardian in Cadet College. I can remember the advice of Lt. Col. Obaed, Ex-Principal of Rangpur Cadet College. At the very day of reporting to the college, he advised me, “It may so happen that one day your son or daughter or any other relatives may get admitted in Cadet College. If you contribute by your merit and hard work, they will get the benefit; and if you neglect your duty and make the college worse, they will suffer.” How true he was! I always suggest my daughter to enjoy cadet college activities. It is the rare opportunity for the cadets. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have made the cadet colleges different from other institutions.

Recently I have joined Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College. Whenever I am with the cadets, I feel the existence of Glory. The reactions of the girl cadets are familiar to me. I can understand them better as I can see them from teachers' and parents' point of view. When I supervise my cadets in preparation time, I think, my daughter is also being supervised by other teachers. Nature always repays the good efforts.
I have never thought what profession she would choose, but I always see with my mind's eye she is doing a smart and honest job. I want to see her happy and smiling always. May Allah bless her.

(The writer is a Assistant Professor of Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College)

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