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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30| July 25, 2010|


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Study Tour

International Islamic University Chittagong

Montasir Islam

WHEN it was first announced from the Student Affairs Division that we would be visiting our permanent campus in Chittagong, it felt like it was the end of seeing the images of that very campus on the university calendar everyday. For all the students of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), going to the beautiful campus in Kumira, is a sheer pleasure for its unique location by the hills overlooking the sea. Enthusiastic as ever, we were more excited to learn that the tour included subsequent visits to Sitakundo Eco Park and Patenga Sea Beach.

Unlike most private universities in Bangladesh, IIUC has three prime campuses including two city campuses in Dhaka and Chittagong. The one at Kumira is the permanent campus of the institution, providing academic activities with modern infrastructure and facilities. The picturesque purpose-built campus is abundant in natural beauty and charm.

It was late evening on 4 June when we set off for our destination. After a final check on everything, the teachers accompanying us set our fleet on sail towards the port city of Chittagong. As it always is when traveling with friends, the whole journey was filled with fun and craziness one can think of! Upon arriving the next morning, we were greeted at the Kumira campus with warm welcome. After refreshments, we took over the whole campus, visiting all that it had to offer. While we roamed around, our cameras kept on doing what they do best-- capturing each and every moment. Starting from the faculties, the auditorium and the library building, we posed in front of all the beautiful structures on sight, including the elegant central mosque. A natural spring flowing from the hills was an added charm. Another unique aspect was the inter-city rail track running by the periphery of the permanent campus, which provided us with yet another spot for some daring photo-shoots!
Next, we set off for the Sitakundo Eco Park, where a long hike under the scorching heat took us way up to an astonishing 1000 feet high above sea level to the popular waterfall. The moment we jumped into the water right under the fall, all the exhaustion seemed to disappear. It was a great feeling to hear the waterfall from high above cascading on to the rocks below. Seeing the nature in such a blend of brute power and beauty, one would surely not mind to turn poetic!

Finally, as all great things end quick, our unlimited photo-sessions and infinite enjoyment had to end too. Back in the campus, following a much-needed rest, it was time for our final destination - the restless sea in Patenga. Our tour wrapped up with a cultural programme that was organised in the campus in the evening. Participated by both teachers and students, the occasion drew a perfect conclusion to the tour with a gala dinner. The tour was a success, weaving many unforgettable memories along the way. And all of them came in flashbacks with every mile we traveled back to Dhaka. With the much eventful visit to the beautiful campus, along the hills, waterfalls and the mesmerizing sunset on the beach, the sojourn to Chittagong hopefully will be kept up as a trend in the future.

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