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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30| July 25, 2010|


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A Revered personality in MBSTU

Adiba Fannana

When I got admitted in Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU), I was not at all interested to go study in the university located in a remote area in Tangail. Secondly, the subject was Criminology and Police Science (CPS). But I had no choice but to join since my parents did not want me to lose an entire year.

When I started my journey in CPS, I slowly realised how appropriate the subject was in the context of Bangladesh. I pondered on how far CPS has been established in the root-level, and who were involved. In our department, there was a photo that hung on the wall. Under it there is a short biography of that person. One day, during lunch break, I read the biography and came to know about the person, Late Dr. Yusuf Sharif Ahmed Khan (Y.S.A.K), a famous marine scientist of our country, the first vice chancellor of MBSTU, as well as the pioneer of CPS in Bangladesh. After reading the biography, I became inquisitive about the deeds of this noble man. And so I began to research.

I found out that this great man was born on 1 January, 1950 in Barisal. He studied Marine Biology in Chittagong University. Later, he received his PhD degree from University of Liverpool. During his career, he was deeply involved in various welfare organisations, as it was always his strong desire to stand beside the needy and helpless.

I write about this man because he is a personality that is worth emulating. By following his footsteps we can keep spreading his messages of peace and accord. His great contribution to establishing CPS in the country is another reason why I chose to write about him. He dreamt of a corruption-free, peaceful Bangladesh. He will always remain as my mentor as I continue to draw inspiration from his life.

Yusuf Sir breathed his last on 31 July, 2004. We may no longer have him among us, but we feel his presence every day that we spend in the campus. I hope to be a successful criminologist and serve my country just as he did. He had done a great deal for the country, and in return, I would like to extend my deep respect for him.

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