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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30| July 25, 2010|


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Celebration of DMC Day '10

Nafeesa Ferdous

DHAKA Medical College is one of the most renowned medical institutions in our country. We are very proud to mention that the institution is in the front row amongst all other medical institutions of this subcontinent. The glorious journey of this esteemed medical college began on 10 July, 1946, the day that is observed today as “DMC Day”. This day means a lot to all the DMC graduates and students. The day gives the opportunity to promote interaction and better understanding between the present and the former students. This year, DMC celebrated its 65th birthday.

Like every year, to celebrate this anniversary, renowned doctors and the students of DMC assembled in the parade of carnival with a festive mood. The day began early in the morning with a colourful rally in the presence of the historic 'tom-tom' and band party. The day became more vivid when DMCANs of all ages danced together with the rhythm of band in the same floor at the end of the rally. The inaugural session took place in 'Dr. Milon Auditorium'. The event was a graceful one with speeches from the Health Minister, Prof. Dr. A.F.M Ruhul Haque, Adviser to Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Modasser Ali, Member Of Parliament, Dr. Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin, Principal of DMC, Prof. Dr. Quazi Deen Mohammad and others. Prof. Dr. A.F.M Ruhul Haque inaugurated the ceremony. Later, former students recalled their wonderful times during their student lives. After the lunch break, a film festival was organised in the auditorium. The most awaited part was the cultural programme, which was held in the evening. The programme was featured drama, Western and Classical dance, shadow dance, songs, and poems performed by senior professors, doctors as well as the present students of DMC. They once again proved that DMCANs are not only meritorious but they are the best in non-academic aspects too. Their performances amazed the audience. The event ended with an enjoyable band show later in the night.

Dhaka Medical College has proven its quality and capability throughout these long 65 years and established itself as an institution of international standard. It has produced some of the most outstanding experts in a wide range of medical disciplines. It has a rich heritage not just because it was the first of its kind but also because it produced students who earned distinction for their heroic contributions during the war of independence. May the Almighty bless this splendid institution to uphold its glory and respect!



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