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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30| July 25, 2010|


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Searching for success

Shamrin Afia Adiba

Human life is very complex. At times it is as simple as the flower fragrant, honey sweet yet thorn sharp and sometimes also bitter. For most of the people life is often like a pinball game, passing through narrow pathways, hitting at the sharp edges and falling deep down to unknown gulfs of dents. Dilemmas sink in one after another to make life on earth more and more uncertain. At this point anyone may possibly agree with Shakespeare that “Life is as tedious as twice-told tale, vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man.”

Dilemmas could be expected to pop up from every footstep in life. The simplest definition for the word dilemma goes like this 'A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive.' But other than the helplessness to choose between life options, dilemmas are often a situation when no option to choose to save life is left before. Choosing between available options seems pretty easy, but finding out a solution for life crisis sounds bit complicated and confusing.

Student life dilemmas begin since childhood, selecting the first school that the child would attend to the college and continues till the selection of universities, profession and sometimes even in selecting life partner. When you are forced to live against your convictions and beliefs, it is a moral dilemma and the situation when you have to choose the unjust path can be called an ethical dilemma. All these dilemmas can be a part of students' life dilemmas. We live in a developing country, and our hard pressed guardians from all corners wish to see their sons and daughters established in life while many ignore the trend of the boys and girls. So, we cannot think otherwise but to follow the beaten track of running after the subjects or job usually chosen by the guardians or parents that really put the youth in a great dilemma.

Most of the youths complain about their parents who do not allow them to take decisions and are always giving them the feeling of being wrong. This makes them defocused and less confident thereby putting them in a dilemma in every step of their lives. Many students think from their parents' perspective and at times lack their core competency. Riana, a student of Marketing department at a private university says, she wanted to study English in Dhaka University but her parents wanted her to study Economics instead. After the DU admission test she was offered to take Philosophy but she refused and then finally got admitted in a private university to study Marketing. However, while studying the subject the courses that are not job oriented and not useful but are obligatory for them to do which causes a lot of distractions. There are lots of similar cases like Riana and they are all for having dilemma. Before selecting the major subject, you might ask few questions to yourself that can lessen the problem:

· Will the course enable the career options I seek?
· What subjects should I major in?
· Which subjects suit my temperament?
· What other career options will it qualify me for?
· Is this the major that is related to my core competency?

Dilemma continues to the students of Public University as well, in the form of choosing subjects, suffering from session jams and political violence in the campus. Due to political violence students coming from different parts of the country, who are living in the university dormitory, are asked to vacate the dorms by the authorities that put the students in big trouble.

Finally we can say, students go through lots of dilemmas like financial dilemma, commuting dilemma and many more dilemmas which are part of life, so we need to be strong and go ahead.

· If needed seek advice from people who have already faced such troubles and are experienced to deal with it.
· Never blame others for the struggles in your life but accept as common to human lives.
· Try to plan your life in possible ways to avoid expected dilemmas.
· When forced to choose between two paths of life try to foresee the benefits and disadvantages of both.
· Always remember that there could be one or more ways to melt out the dilemmas in life but you have to seek and find it out.

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