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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30| July 25, 2010|


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Lackings in Curriculum

Antia Reza

STUDENTS may face a host of problems while getting admission in universities. In private universities, there are different departments, such as Business Administration, English, Computer Science, Engineering and so on. Different students have interest in different subjects. But sometimes, they cannot choose their desired subjects. One particular student complained that they are at times, forced to take some courses that are not job oriented. There is no way that those courses will come to any use later on. Teachers will notice that the students are not doing well in these courses. Still, no steps are being taken against such occurrence. They continue to give pressure on students in spite of noticing that they are not being able to do well in those courses. In the process, their academic performances go down, which in turn, affects their CGPAs.

Some university authorities are increasing the number of courses which are not relevant to any particular department. Students are forced to take those courses due to lack of options. Courses should be selected keeping the reality of job market in focus.

(The writer is a student of BRAC University)






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