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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30| July 25, 2010|


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Give Us The Chance, We can Do Better

Sadia Afrin Arin

Sometimes university students are forced to take courses in which they do not have any interest at all. As a student of a private university, I have faced these problems several times. Consequently, I never did well in those courses. I asked myself many times, “Why can't I choose my own subject? Why do I have to take Biology, Math, Economics or Geography courses?” My performance in these subjects was below my expectations. My question is why the university authority does not regard this as a serious issue. However, I am lucky that I am studying the subject that I wanted to, but there are students who do not even get the chance to study the subject they want to build a career. In such cases, they study other subjects and as a result their potentials often go to waste. Students studying their favourite subject, make their future and career better. One of my friends, Triloy, got admission in English but he wanted to study in Business Administration. As he did not do well in the Mathematics part in the admission test, he had to study in English for one year, but he managed to change his department and got admission in BBA later. “I am so happy now that I'm studying in BBA but I regret as I lost one year”, said Triloy. “My friends and batch mates will get their graduation before me”, he added.

My classmate, Ridwan, is studying in English with me. He gave admission tests in different public universities including University of Dhaka, Khulna University and Jahangirnagar University. In Khulna University he gave the admission test for BBA but did not get chance and same thing happened in the University of Dhaka where he did not get chance in 'Gha Unit'.

From my perspective, everyone should get the chance to do better in his or her study and it is possible only when they can study the subject of their interest.

(The writer is a student of BRAC University)






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